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Gloves are over-rated. :) I've never used gloves to do dishes - you can't feel the small specs of food left on the dishes with them on! Just have a good lotion setting on the counter for when you're done! :)


My eight year old sweeps the kitchen every night after dinner and takes out the kitchen trash. My five year wipes down the bathroom counter every night as well.
I use to have a chart too where they would check off making bed, brush teeth, get dressed, etc...but now they mostly do it without forgetting.

Joanne Heim

Ashley: I¹m a gloves girl! I wash dishes in scalding hot water‹and the girls
complain it¹s too hot without gloves. Cold water just doesn¹t get them as
clean. But I agree too‹nothing like a fingernail to scrape off stuck on


On 9/10/09 8:09 AM, "" wrote:


I just revamped our chore lists for the school year. With homework and piano practice, I wanted to make sure their chores were reasonable. Here's what we have settled on.

We have magnetic charts for each of our 3 daughters. One of my 7-yr.-olds has these jobs: make bed, unload dishwasher, pick up any toys that are out. Her twin sister has these jobs: make bed, wipe down all bathroom counters, put away clean laundry, pick up any toys. The twins switch jobs every Monday.

Our 4-yr-old has more jobs, but she's home all day (and her jobs are easier). She has magnet reminders to get herself dressed, make her bed, brush her teeth, pick up her room, feed the cat, set the table, and pick up her toys.

So far this school year, this is working really well for us. Not to say they are always working with a joyful spirit...


Do you do all the dishes?? No dishwasher at all? I grew up without a dishwasher and did not have one for the first 12 years of my marriage. I love washing dishes and vacuuming too. I know it's weird but I love doing them both. The rest of the housework I could live without though. Especially laundry,lol. Anyhow these days I only get to wash the large odd size items because my husband and kiddos swear it is more eco friendly to solely run the dishwasher. So I try to comply since it is good for the environment. I always wash without gloves as I too have never found a pair that fits me comfortably. I don't use a chore chart but my kids always were responsble to clean their rooms, bring their laundry to the laundry room, put away their folded laundry, feed and take out the dogs,take the trash out, and help clean the bathrooms on Saturday morning.

Lisa C.

How cute is that? My kids like to do the dishes too, but I usually forget and just do them. My oldest (both boys, 7 and 6) actually said "I like to do the dishes but you always do them first!" I'm going to have to do something about that!! ;-)

I don't have an actual chore system worked out for them. We have the chore charts but they usually go by the wayside after a couple of days. I have them pick up their toys and make sure their dirty laundry gets in the hampers, put your pj's away, daily hygiene a must, bath towels hung up. They also like to get their cold lunch for school put together in the mornings. My mom used to have me clean the bathroom sink and the bathroom mirror. I would help with the dusting and the dishes as well.


Regular chores include trash, recycling bins, putting away clean laundry, cleaning his room and mowing the lawn. He also likes to help out with cooking and is very eager to learn to cook well. He's a great helper and will do other chores whenever asked, we just don't really have things assigned and were never successful with charts. He's recently asked to take over his own laundry (yay!!!) so I'm getting a divided hamper for his room to help him learn sorting. Since he is 13 now, he's becoming much more self sufficient and it makes me feel good to know that when he heads off to college in a few years he will be able to cook, clean and do his own laundry.


Our little boys (3 and 4) and their older brother brought the trash cans from the bedrooms and bathrooms to the kitchen and returned them, put their laundry away, picked up sticks in the yard, put their dishes in the dishwasher, washed off the table, used a hand broom and dust pan to clean under the table, refilled the dog's food and water, cleaned up their toys, made their beds, brought in the newspaper, watered plants, carried in groceries, etc. Our five year old loved to dust and to have a bucket of soapy water to scrub down the table, chairs, lower cupboards and appliances as well as the kitchen and bathroom floor.


When they were younger, getting dressed and making beds etc were their chores. Now I just expect those to be their "morning routine" and "evening routine." Every afternoon I have them pull a chore from their container (pictures for little one) and they do 1-3 of those, depending on my mood, how much time we have, etc. After they have done all the chores in this stack we will start over. They are things that don't need to be done daily but help our house like clean the patio door or clean out the TV cabinet, etc.


When we were teenagers, my brother and I took turns with dishes, we fought too much to do them together! I also did all the dusting, vacuuming, and laundry for the family. hmmm I wonder what my mom did all day while we were at school, well besides having homecooked meals, a bottomless cookie jar and a huge garden every year!


The picture is darling! I grew up in a household that included Mrs. Cordelia Herde. She was our teeny tiny housekeeper. She came every day and did just about everything including babysitting my brother and I when my parents went out or were gone for a weekend. Because of Mrs. Herde (who was a widow who lived in a tiny house on the edge of a potato field) I never really did any chores at all. She always wore capri pants, sleeveless gingham button down shirts and keds. She was so short she could stand on the counter and clean out the top of the cabinets and her head wouldn't touch the kitchen ceiling. I always thought that was REALLY little. :)
Anyway...this is getting very long-winded. When I got married, I vowed to learn to clean my own house and I did in varying degrees of success for about eight years until my first child was born. Then my Mother gifted me with a cleaning lady as a shower gift and I've really never looked back. That was 18 years ago this November and I've always had someone come to clean although my person doesn't come everyday like Mrs. Herde. She was more of a housekeeper I guess than a cleaning lady.
Over the years my kids have had chores but they have never really been cleaning chores. They are supposed to keep their rooms neat and picked up (varying degrees of success on that) and feed their animals (this is NEVER done unless I do it) and my son does mow the lawn every week.
Looking back I always wanted to institute and enforce chores but it just never seemed as if they were around when it was time for the chore to be done. I should have made them do the dishes after dinner but I just always did them and still do.
I am very anxious for what will happen when my daughter leaves for college next year. She is going to have a rude awakening. Her college roommate is not going to be very happy with her housekeeping skills. :(
Good for you, Joanne, for instilling these wonderful skills in your girls. I've told my best friend that my marriage would have been much more carefree if I'd ever learned how to keep house. It's been something I've had to teach myself. I guess I haven't done a very good job of passing on that knowledge to my children.

Melissa @ Breath of Life

We don't have actual chores. CJ (11) is responsible for keeping her room and playroom picked up. She helps cook dinner most nights (her choice). She also has to do whatever I ask,which ranges from putting her clothes away to starting a load of laundry or emptying the dishwasher...whatever it takes for her to be a team player.

The main chore I remember was cleaning the bathrooms every Saturday. Still hate that, to this day!


My girls (12 & 10) take turns every other week cleaning the kitchen or putting away the laundry. I post those on a whiteboard calendar so that no one gets "confused." My son (7) takes out the trash & recyclables. They also (collectively) feed the guinea pig & clean its cage. All three clean their rooms & a shared bathroom on Saturday as well as a general clean-up of the house. We haven't assigned specific jobs to the rest of the house yet, but we might.
Interestingly, we pretty much follow the same system I did growing up.


My kids are pretty little so we don't have a lot of "chores" for them but they do help pick up toys and books and such. My daughter knows that if her books aren't picked up after her "nap" then I will get to keep whatever is on the ground for a week. So, she picks them all up...she LOVES books.

My sister, brother and I used to rotate doing the dishes we just wrote J-E-T on the calendar so we knew whose day it was. I always had to help my mom dust and vacuum on the weekends too!


My husband and I do our dishes together. We've done it for years. When the kids were smaller "dishes" time was basically the first time of the day that we could talk .. just the two of us. We both work outside the home, and with the rush of getting home, getting dinner on the table, sitting down as a family and sharing our meal and our day as a family ... then the kids would go off to do their homework or activities, and hubby and I would finally get some "alone" time ... me washing, and him drying. When our kids were teenagers we completely remodeled our kitchen. The interior designer kept wanting to add a dishwasher to the plans, and I refused it. I didn't want to give up our special time.

Chasity Ivy

My eight and five year old girls are responsible for cleaning their room, making their bed and keeping their stuff out of the living room. They also put away their clothes once they are folded. My eight year old is responsible for cleaning her bathroom (toilet, bathtub, sink) once per week. And everybody in our house puts their own dishes in the dishwasher. I make sure I unload it in the morning and no one has an excuse to put any dish in the sink. Even my two-year old puts his dishes in with prompts.
There are 6 of us here, and I work outside the home so everybody pitches in.

Joanne Heim

Jeanie: Can I have a Mrs. Cordelia Herde? She sounds like a character in a
book! :)

On 9/10/09 1:31 PM, "" wrote:


My kids are older -- in fact, two are already through college. The last two are ages 17 & 13. We started all of them through a series of chores (feed/water animals, set table, clear table, etc). Everyone is responsible for tidying up his/her own room and keeping drawers neat. However, it seems I was always the one to do laundry, trash, and wash dishes. Then one day my DS (now 29) decided it was easier to pick up his room by putting clean clothes back in the hamper than place them back in his dresser/closet after being tried on.

Oh, happy days! Laundry was now his to do alone. Same with trash. I'd asked each child to collect and return their trash cans so I could take out the garbage one morning. My DS balked & suddenly I had one less chore. Soon after DD#1 complained about how her brother had not turned her top right side out and hung up clothes all wrong. You guessed it, she then became our family's launderess.

Fast forward several years and now the 17 year old is responsible for collecting trash twice a day and taking out the recycling. The 13 year old has been on laundry duty since the tender age of 7. She was given a respite a two years ago when her older sister spat vile about the horrible job the younger did in sorting the clothes properly in the closet. You would think DD#3 would have learned from that experience but, sisters being sisters, DD#3 found much to criticize about the way DD#2 did laundry. So, DD#3 is back on the job.

Overall, we play to our strong suits. DD#2 loves to organize and work with anything that has bubbles (wash dishes/counters/tubs/sinks/etc). DD#3 loves to vacuum and sweep. She also enjoys organizing and clearing clutter. I like to keep appliances/cabinets, pantry clean and shiny. And, I sleep better when the top of things are clean, clear, and dust free (like refrigerators). It works for us. The floor doesn't get deep cleaned nearly as often I'd like (neck injury precludes that for now). Oh, and DH loves to "make space in the refrigerator." In other words he pitches, reorganizes, and cleans. What is more, he says washing dishes is one way he can relax after a long day of work. He doesn't do dishes often, but I can always count on him to help if needed. All I have to do is ask.

Yes, I'm blessed to have a houseful of helpful people. Unfortunately, none of us really is good at (read bothers to do) all the outside chores needed. Oh, well, so long as we don't have a jungle to contend with I suppose I should be grateful.


I have been all over the internet looking for kid-sized dish gloves. Has no one ever thought of this? Maybe I should "invent" them.

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