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Nice hankies! I saved a magazine clipping that shows how to make a canopy (is that the right term?) for a four-poster bed out of hankies. It would be darling in a little girl's room. If you're interested, let me know and I'll scan it and send it to you...


Whoa...I made the very cool! I was laughing so hard with the England flashbacks as I finished off my frosty beer for the night (lately a nice treat as therapy for my baby bootcamp days and non-alcoholic pregnancy! (Would you believe I craved frosty alcoholic beverages with cute umbrellas and fruit on plastic toothpicks?!?--any flavor would have done just fine! But I was a good mommy and admired from afar!) I was laughing so hard...I certainly remember Devon...and Doug Acton had pop tarts and we WANTED THEM!!!! That British hotel food was leaving us wanting and so we were scavaging his American stash! Yikes....and I even had a crush on him. I was sooooooooooo ridiculous! I'm sure I embarrassed you to no end! But bless you, you hung in there with your crazy American friend! Did I mention to you that I took a photo of Tory and I together after she painted my nails all sparkly? I'll have to mail it to you! I had to show your mom...not sure if she rolled her eyes on that one!) :) Ahhhhh...Queen Ethelburga's. Haven't heard of the "old brown uniformed, stuffy, endless rules and regulations, chapel every morning and nasty school food, why are we studying Latin?, are you crazy, half day of school on Saturday?, please don't make me shower in the locker room" school in quite a while! No surprise they went under for a housing development...can't remember where I heard that from. Your folks, maybe?
Anyway...this mommy should hit the pillow now that it is 11:41pm and I just finished putting away all the groceries. Wow...this late night grocery shopping was sooooo peaceful without the kiddies! Used to do it all the time with the 4 adopted boys since I was working during the day and couldn't do it any other time! But I'll pay come tomorrow morning! Last MOPS meeting tomorrow morning and I've put together all the gifts I have for the have inspired me to be creative so I am giving each of the ladies in my small group a little vase filled with colorful spring flowers (I have 12 in my SMALL is really pretty in my kitchen right now and smells wonderful too!) Have a great evening! Miss you!

Vicki (Janna's Mom)

What a great idea to make a quilt with the hankies.

I've made two memory T-shirt quilts using the graphics on them for the quilt blocks. I did a quilt for each of my children with shirts that they had worn growing up and I had saved them over the years. As I made each quilt block, they brought back many memories. Some blocks even had a tear drop or two on them as I recalled the memories from a particular shirt.

I look forward to seeing your hankie quilt some time in the future.

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