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  • Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne and I’ve been blogging for many years under the name The Simple Wife (you can see all of my old posts under the archives or by clicking on any of the categories that interest you). I love receiving comments from you and try to respond to each one personally. I hope you’ll visit often!

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Finally! Another adult who will admit to re-reading Harry Potter! I love J.K.R.'s books and have read them multiple times. Yea!

I agree that too many people forget that read is meant for fun as well as serious learning and self-improvement. It is OK to read 'fun' stuff once in awhile! Reading IS the best escape!


Welcome to my constant state of affairs! Master escaper right here! I'm actually hosting a "mom's night out" for my mops group tomorrow evening and I've officially called it P & P & P...Pride & Prejudice & night, dinner cooked for all those exhuasted moms and a chance to watch some of the best of Jane's good works while doing nails, facials, deep lotion treatments, foot soaks...etc. It should be a hoot! All that said...if you saw my house today...YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!! Did I do cleaning tonight???? Nawww...instead I ran out to Target to do some fun little tidbit shopping! Wish you could come...I'm going to use my mom's tea cup collection that Auston has added to...of course we are skipping the English food and going straight to Italian! We want this dinner to be mushy peas here. Tomorrow will be the day I crack the whip on you are not alone! We all need to escape from the mega "to do" lists some days!!!! :)

Oh...and my sister-in-law from MO was just here and taught me how to TOTALLY inspired me!!! I have to admit my fun fur fuzzy scarves do have a few holes here and there (ventilation patchs...I like to call them), but it is soooooooo relaxing and I can absolutely turn off all stress of the day! So thank you! Someday I may even tackle something beyond a scarf! ;)
Hang in there with the will all get done in the right time!

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