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  • Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne and I’ve been blogging for many years under the name The Simple Wife (you can see all of my old posts under the archives or by clicking on any of the categories that interest you). I love receiving comments from you and try to respond to each one personally. I hope you’ll visit often!

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Erin S

What you aren't perfect? A zit? That's it! I am no longer reading your bolg! Hee hee. Funny as my friend was just commenting about the same issue the other day. Sort of suggesting that blogs are a bit fake as people usually only blog about the good stuff. I disagree. For me blogging is an escape from my daily life, a place to focus on the good things, get away from the not so perfect stuff. I could share the not so perfect stuff, sometimes I do...but I don't think people want to hear it. Hmm... don't know if that makes sense but there it is!

BTW...try toothpaste on that zit. Put it on at night and sleep with it. If it doesn't work at least you will smell good :o)


What, no picture?

The NON-Superwoman

Hilarious in two ways! I'm acquainted with the zits and one of my friends said the same thing about my blog today.


I think most blogs are this way, and I know mine is. I've never heard of this honey treatment, but, may come in handy for a big little problem area I have on my chin this week. :)

Marla Taviano

I think your blogs are a nice balance between Green Gables and reality, lol. I'm with you on the zit thing. Finding a dermatologist is on my to-do list. So glad you're getting Reliving the Passion, too. We'll have to share thoughts!


man alive, i just had one half in/half under my nose. at the same time i had one on that hard piece of ear flesh by the ear canal. those hurt like the dickens.


Honey is hygroscopic, so it absorbs moisture. No moisture, almost no bacteria. So it makes a great blemish reducer and wound dressing. In fact, it was one of the first forms of medicine used in ancient times.

And I think all of us tend to blog about the good things in our lives. As women, we are programmed to put our best foot forward and not whine. We are convinced that no one wants to read about all of the bad, depressing, normalness of our lives. Although, sometimes it's nice to just let go and really gripe about something that is bothering us, on our blogs, lol.

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