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Holly Smith

It was very, very bright here in Monument, too! I have a picture we took of a single snowflake on one of my older posts. It is amazing to see them so distinctly. I pray that your time off this next week is restful, full and fun! May God richly bless your time.
In His Joy,


Sorry to hear about the 8 inches of snow.... I can relate to trying not to complain but in the process really complaining! I also know what you mean about "fairytale snowflakes" ...early in March we had a brief snowfall that was absolutely beautiful. The flakes were so large and distinct and as they drifted slowly to the ground we walked through them and it felt like we were in a magical world. Even Cameron commented on it as being the most beautiful snowfall he had ever seen! It's moving when your children start to appreciate nature's beauty.


OMG - I've just been reading your blog. It's like your life is the complete opposite of mine! We moved to L.A. FROM CO - at the end of July '06. We had a cabin about 15 mins from Tomahawk (my girls went to camp there, too). Wow.

Tess Lee

I'm from UT, so very snowy! That glow that the sky gets when it's snowing at night is one of my absolute favorite things in the whole world!

Right now in NC, we are getting snow...but we seriously have about 1 inch of pollen on everything. The dog's nose is yellow from sniffing around, our screened porch still has it, and the gutters are full of it! It's actually starting to get very hot, and in a about a month I think we'll be fainting from heat and humidity. Looking forward to it, yes I am.

Tess Lee

Er, I mean we AREN'T getting snow.

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