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Happy Birthday!!!! You don't know me Emma, but I wish you a great day!!! There's a neighbor of mine who is 8 and her name is Emma. She evn looks a bit like you with reddish brown hair and freckles.

Being is 7 is great. When I turned 7, I met my best friend. And now we've been best friends for 35 years. Missi :-)


Happy Birth Day to you....Happy Birthday dear princess Emma....Happy Birthday to you.....May god bless her...she is so pretty...So is there a big bash at home today....??


Happy Birthday Sweet Emma. And if your momma is anything like me, she has completely relived every detail of your birth today.

Hugs and can't wait to see the party pictures!


Lol...I just laughed at Susan's comment because I do the same thing on every one of my kid's birthdays. I say, "Oh look! It's noon...well right now Mommy asking for more ice chips..." lol!! And they look at me like I am crazy. :)

Happy happy birthday Emma! Have a fantastic day!! I love love LOVE your is my daughter's middle name! :)


What a cute picture! Happy Birthday Emma... enjoy your special day!

Melissa @ Breath of Life

Simply adorable! Hope she's had a wonderful day!


Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to Emma!
Happy birthday to you!

Marla Taviano

Happy Birthday, Emma! You're beautiful! You'll love being 7! My daughter Livi loves it!

Hope your day was WONDERFUL!

erin s

Happy Birthday Emma. I hope 7 will be a special year for you!

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