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Holly Smith

Why, her name is Doris Day! Now she needs many outfits and furs.


I like Doris too.


Betty. I think she looks like a Betty.


Hi, new to your blog and absolutely love it. I can't see a dress form like this without thinking of my grandmother who also had one. That is why I would name it Hazel, after her of course. I wonder where her's ended up???


(think southern belle accent--hoop skirts--sitting in TARA!!!" "Oh my, my, my!!! How sweet of you to ask little ol' me my name...why, I'm Scarlett, of course!!!" :) One look at her just completely took me there!!!


I think she looks like a Mattie (short for Matilda). Won't you have fun dressing her up for the holidays and seasons? I can just see her in a fallish skirt and sweater with the pearls of course.


Love it! Lula Belle :)


When I think of classic......Grace Patricia Kelly comes to my thoughts. Yes...Princess Grace.....she definitley wore pearls:) Love the antique dress form!!!


All y'all have missed's as clear as mud that she is Miss MILLIE of course!


She looks like Elizabeth Taylor to me. So my vote is Liz.


I immediately thought "Stella" when I saw her. Can't explain it, but it seems right to me. :)


Hmmmmm...... Trudy Torso?
But she looks pretty voluptuous - Veronica, Voluptuous Veronica?


Doris is going to be pretty hard to beat.


Peggy! The pearls suit a Peggy & she has a "peg" leg! Love her - she is lucky to have been found by such a nice Joanne!


Ethel :)


Just found you with a recommendation from The Homespun Heart, I believe - your book, Living Simply, is on my wishlist! :)

I'm thinking she looks like Minnie Pearl! You could plop a hat on her *head* with a price tag hanging from it!


Thought of Katherine Hepburn ~ call her Kat! It's beautiful.


I was going to go with Elizabeth (for Elizabeth Taylor, but I see it's been taken). Instead I'll go with Ms. Emmi

Beth Whitney

Miss Sophie!


Simple Suzy or Suzy Q!!

Sarah Miller

She looks like a Jane or Judie to me!

linda t

I immediately thought... Mrs. Meriwether.
So I was curious and googled to see if there was a Mrs. Meriwether and actually read about some real strong, awesome women named Mrs. Meriwether.
And if you want, you could give her a first name... or just call her Meri.


I'd usually give my things names such as "Boing". But this is too feminine for such names. So umm... Eliza?

erin s

Okay don't laugh but the first name that popped into my head was Busty Betsy. I will completely understand if you don't choose my name!!!

The Chatty Housewife

Ethel, Erma or Doris.


*delurks* I'd have to say Scarlet!


I'd have to call her Lola.


The first name that popped into my head was Millie, but I like Sophie and Eliza that have already been mentioned too!



With a tiny waist like that - she must be from the Victorian Age!

Also - the name needs to be that has some nick-name possibilities.

When you are making that fancy beautiful pale lawn dress with lots of flounces, of course you'd refer to her as Victoria.

But when it's something fun and youthful - you'll call her Tory.

Something like an every day around the house dress - it's Vicky.

Holly Bloemhof

I think that Sophia or Sophie (un peu de français) suit her well. Plus, Sophie rolls off the tongue so easily.


I think you should simply name her Pearl. I love the strands of pearls around her neck and I just think Pearl suits her!!! :)

laura ,

June, definitely a June. As in June Cleaver or "June is Bstin Out All Over."!

missi smith

I thought of Eleanor right away. I looked up the name in a baby name book and here is what it said, "history:Elaenor of Aquitaine (12 c.) was heiress to a lg. portion of France, wife of two kings and mother to two more. Her powerful personality, intelligence, and inexhaustible energy made her unique in her time." This makes me want to read more about her! Plus, I like French things too! AND, Jane Austen's Elinor Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility. (PBS Jane Austen special on Jan. 13-WooHoo!) Bye-Missi


I thought Audrey right away:)..... what a great decor:)


I think she looks like a Constance.


I'm a new reader and love your blog. I had to post a name because "Beatrice" immediately came to mind!


Cordelia! Anne Shirley always did wish she were named Cordelia, you know. I do love that name, but it's been vetoed by my darling husband for any of our children. Why not one of "yours"? :)


I'm thinking Sophia..."She" has a sophistocated air about her.

I just found you through She just gave away a copy of your book, and I was the winner! :) I am looking forward to receiving and reading it! I've enjoyed your blog.


How about Dressy Bessie...

Too fun...
Have a great weekend...creating, relaxing and dreaming of all the clothes you will make...


Well the ones I was thinking of are already 'about "Monroe"? She's curvy like Marilyn, but Marilyn is a long name. I think Monroe would make a great first name.


Ok, so the first thought I had was "Ethel-Lu"

Remember the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Ethel opened a dress store together, and they fought over the name- either "Lucyeths" Or "Ethel-Lu" so it popped into my head. Fun contest!!


She looks like a Georgia to me! Love your blog by the way!

Mrs. Jules

I totally get why you love this, congratulations on such a great find. I've been wishing for a dress form, too. So many great suggestions were left! I think she's classy and gracious, so she could be "Miss Ella".


The first name that popped into my head was Gladys (pronounced Gladis). It was my great great aunt's name and for some reason she reminded me of her... maybe it was the pearls. She and her sister (my great grandmother) lived together in the last years (sharing the same housekeeper/caretaker) and I remember visiting them.

This is definately a Gladys!


Tess--the southern sophisticate


Im going to say ALICE. I just love that name because of Alice in Wonderland or even Alice the housekeeper in Brady Bunch! I liked it for my daughter, but we settled on Kensington!

Have fun!!!


Eunice. This name Greek in origin and means good victory.

Blessings in Christ--


"Miss Blossom" is the name of the dressmaker's dummy in I Capture the Castle--a wonderful book by Dodie Smith!


Oh I love her! Where are you going to put her? She is lovely. I think her name is Miss Josephine. :)


She looks like a June to me; whether it is inspired by the pearls and June Cleaver or the voluptuousness reminding me of "June is busting out all over", I'm not sure. But I like June


I didn't know Brenda was a lurker. Hope you are doing well I missed hearing from you at Christmas. Love your site it's so cheery. Miss you.

Marla Taviano

I just erased my whole comment. Drat.

My brain's too foggy to try to write it all again. I mostly said I'm glad your MOPS thing went well and that I'm ready to be well and back in the loop again.

And I love all the names for your new girl. How about Mabel?


She looks like a Guinevere to me all the way. I think she could both where a crown with style and kick some serious booty... Odd combination huh? I have 2 gals myself for my shop - they are LuLu & Bessie.

Bev Brandon

I missed the competition---at a basketball game---- Miss Maggie, a steel magnolia mannequin, awaits her antique coverings. But I missed the drawing cause I know you are tucked away in bed while Miss Maggie awaits the results. Love your sense of humor.


Another delurker-Pollyanna or Jasmine


Something so fun and classic needs to be called Victoria Pearl!-Vicky for short...


Lizzy or Emma. Something short. Not a Martha.

Kay  Friedenstein

Welcome to the family Miss Mille! I think she will be a wonderful new family member...a strong silent type. I am anxious to see what stylish creations she will model for everyone. Have fun!


I love it!!

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