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Very cool. There are a couple of free language translator sites out there. How do I know? Did I mention my two oldest children are fluent in German? The youngest is in his 6th year. Our elementary school has German Immersion and it has been a lot more successful than they ever thought it would be. Our oldest has taken it every year since first grade and did German 5 last year and is in AP German this year. Will double major or minor in German in college. My Girl took a break from German this year because she couldn't work it into her class schedule. She will take German 5 or AP German next year as a Senior. The sixth grader is in his 6th year of elementary immersion and can understand everything, but is not as fluent speaking as his siblings (My Girl is actually the best speaker of them). She hopes to intertwine her love of international marketing with German in college.

Cool stuff, huh? I will use this because I love this site:

She doesn't always add the English translation and when I leave her site for other sites off her blog...none of them translate to English.


Wow- I have just found your blog and am so excited! Thanks for writing. I cannot wait to explore. We love the translating site- we adopted our daughter from China in 2005 and used it often when we needed to see the characters for words. What a great site. Thanks for sharing! I am looking forward to visiting often.

Mrs Jules

That is amazing. There are sites that I've been wanting to visit, so I'm excited now. Thanks for sharing the info.

Bev Brandon

That is really cool. Thank you so much. I have two children living in other countries---Thailand and France, and my young son learning Spanish. So that is really helpful.


So, can you figure out how to use to translate your Japanese sewing book? *smile*


Haha, that was a good one about the Japanese sewing book [refer to above comment]! I used to learn French for 3 years. Now I'm trying to refresh my memory by conversing with my brother in French. It's tough but I can still try. You hold a French degree? That is so awesome!!

webcam video

Thank you so much.That is so awesome!!

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