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I hit your blog three days back, and have read each and every post till date. You are an amazing writer. My name is Priti. Me and my husaband are into Software, working for the same company, presently based in Dallas. I also love to write. Would love to share with everyone but I am not sure, because it is a mix of English and Hindi(my mother tongue).

I was beginning to hate the cold weather, but after reading your blog I felt that there a lot of things that can be done..and the weather cant stop you.
Please keep posting.
You give me inspiration to smile.


What a fun Sunday!

We tried out a new restaurant after church. Sunday brunch kinda thing. It was delicious. $20 per person, though, so it won't be a regular. Only three of us went...imagine the cost with the five of us! Afterwards, I continued with my quest to clean the main level of my house. Clean up and clean out. I'm getting there...I moved things around in the living room again to which my husband wandered in to turn on a light...finding nothing but air and mumbed, "make up your mind WILL YOU?" Nope. I won't. Can't. It's in the genes. Can't make up my mind and can't leave furniture in the same place for too long. I didn't break it to him that I'm still not happy with the configuration and more changes are coming which will involve him and the kids moving the sofa and area rug.

I did spend a few minutes with a cup of tea and the newspaper. We finally picked up the Sunday only Post delivery again. Mostly for the ads (because the Post writes a bunch of liberal trash IMHO) since we have a kid heading off to college in the fall and I need to start collecting college dorm things. I've been pretty okay with this lately, except this morning when I was in the dining room cleaning, and he drove away to pick his momma up some fresh brewed Starbucks and it struck me that he'll be heading off after a very busy summer. REALLY hit me.

After my tea break, it was time to head off to the girl's first volleyball scrimmage. Man, are they good. They have 12 girls and if you divided the girls into two teams, they would still be as equally good and were last night. They scrimmage each other all the time and it is the best to watch. Last night, they rolled over both teams, although they goofed off one game and couldn't come back...didn't come back. So it will be a fun season. sure to check out my blog to see the pretty, pretty pics I took of the goodies I received in the mail!

Love u.



Must have been a day for relaxing... I made it through two books this weekend; one of which is yours. Not what I expected, and exactly what I needed. Thank you!


A hand-quilted king size??? Wow. I have no words. Seven years. Eight years. Whatever! THAT is an undertaking! :) Can't wait to see it.

Mrs. Jules

I'm sure the quilt will be beautiful. You are so talented. My girls and I will be doing some housecleaning today, also...and with the cold weather outside, we'll probably snuggle in with a fun DVD, as well.

Amy @ By His Grace

What fun days you are spending with the kids! I love to be curled up w/ my son spending "huggy" time while watching something that makes him smile so much. Can't wait to hear more about the quilt! I just tackled my first real sewing project ever and it turned out so well! I made drapery panels and a valance for my son's big boy room!


Sounds like fun...all you have to say is Hayley Mills and I am so teen girls and I just watched over vacation The Trouble with Angels...I love that movie and even write about it in my 100 things...

Aren't quilts supposed to be a labor of love...something that when they are shown once completed, it is accompanied by a series of "ooohhh's" and "aaaahhhh's"...stitch by stitch...your quilt will have a story once it is finished and it will be a work of art...or as I like to say a work of heart!


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