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This falls right in line with something my friend, Carrie, said in Sunday school this morning regarding marriage:

I need to get up every morning and say to myself, 'what am I going to do for my spouse today?'

All of the "clothing" you mentioned seems to fit perfectly with that thought, doesn't it?

I think printing it out and putting it in my closet is an EXCELLENT idea!


missi smith

Dear Joanne-

Your note today was beautifully put and a good reminder of what really matters. I need this handy in my closet also for when I feel like I have nothing to wear, don't feel pretty, etc. Have a good week. Missi

Amy @ By His Grace

Wow,thank for the a most humbling reminder of our true "outfit" for God. God Bless!


I love this!!! Soo true! Thank you so much for sharing!!! :)


What a great idea, Joanne! I'm going to print that passage and put it in my closet, too! What a great way to remember what our Lord finds most attractive about us! :-)


What a beautiful lesson! Where were you when I was a teenager?? *sigh* better late than never . . . a beautiful lesson that I shall pass on to my daughters. Thanks to you, they won't be as fashion-obsessed as their mother was! :)


I think I may print out that passage and place it in my closet and in my purse :)


Wow! I'm going to print out this and put it in my closet as well! Thanks for sharing!


Wow, that was great, Joanne! I might use that as a devo for my group some morning, if that's okay. That was so well thought out and practical. I'm going to put that up in my closet too, or maybe on my bathroom mirror. Or maybe make a wallet size version that I can see just before I use my credit card to buy that outfit I MUST HAVE!

Bev Brandon

What should I wear?
I'll remember this one for a long time...
thanks Joanne.

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