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  • Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne and I’ve been blogging for many years under the name The Simple Wife (you can see all of my old posts under the archives or by clicking on any of the categories that interest you). I love receiving comments from you and try to respond to each one personally. I hope you’ll visit often!

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Oooh, me please!!! :) How fun would that be.

Momma Roar

How fun!!!! I'm currently working through Beth's "Jesus, The One and Only" Bible study at my church!

Leigh Ann

PS - Pick me! Pick me!!

Amy @ By His Grace

How fun! We are doing the study on John from Beth Moore's collection! Would love a workbook cover, so pick me!

Helen at A Work of Heart

Hi Joanne,

I hope you have a nice re-entry experience from sounded fun to connect with other blogger in person!

Please enter fun...and enjoy the study...that looks like such a wonderful one...well they all are...but you know what I mean!


Oh, I think that beautiful Bible study cover already has my name embroidered in the corner, doesn't it? It's just too perfect! I'm starting Beth's "Living Beyond Yourself" on Wednesday. :)

Incidentally, I read your blog every time you post, Joanne, and am forthwith accepting your challenge to comment. Ciao!


Me! Me! :)


Sounds great :)

Cindy Ericsson

These are so lovely! I'm doing Living Beyond Yourself (the fruits of the Spirit study) now and it's just the right time in my life for me to be in this study. I hope you are similarly blessed by Stepping Up!

Marla Taviano

Will you spiral-bound my workbook too? :)

Holly Smith

Oooo, I think those are beautiful! I'm taking Daniel with Chris and Believing God online with a friend right now. The online study is in a notebook, but the Daniel study would be so proud with its cover :)

You are precious, friend!


I took your advice when I started my Beth Moore study and got the workbook spiral bound at Office Max... oh how I'd love a cover.

My family lives in Phoenix and I just LOVE it - hope you had fun!


Yes please! I would love a cover.


I'm on week 3 of Stepping Up - get ready, sista! It's good!

Although I have a cover already, I know any one of the ladies in my group would love to have one. :)

Enjoy your Tuesday.

missi smith

Hi-I'm just starting "Living Beyond Yourself" with my B. study today. Perfect timing! Count me in too. Missi


I am surely in...


Oooh I'd love one of your wonderful covers!


Spiral bound? Sigh. What a great idea. You have so many great is a Siesta to keep up???

Just finished Stepping Up. You are going to Love.It.

We're starting Pricilla Shirer's He Speaks to Me in two weeks. We always get together for dinner the week following the end of a study.

Anyway...I would LOVE a Beth Moore Bible Study cover...for our next BM study.

Dedra Herod

I am double sighing with Susan... I am in the middle of A Woman's Heart.. and starting a Priscilla Schrier.. Discerning the Voice of God.. on March 5th..Spiral bound.... Can I just come shadow you for a few days? :-)


What fun it would be to have a new cover for my workbooks!! You are such an inspiration!



Sweet giveaway, and I'm in a Beth Moore study on the tabernacle right now. God bless you!

Carolynn Waldner

I love Beth Moore Bible Studies! Thank you for the chance to win:)


Green Paisley! I so enjoy Beth Moore Bible Studies. Thanks for the chance to win!



Please add me!


March 4th is my 34th birthday! I am starting a Beth Moore Bible Study next Monday on the life of Daniel and living a life of integrity!


I would love it. I love our Beth Moore study!!

Jama Kyle

Love Beth Moore and your covers are so cute!!

Ann at mommysecrets

I just found your blog after reading your book (which I LOVED!). I'm currently studying David with Beth Moore - she's such a gifted teacher!


I love your 01 design. This is a great idea.


I'm hungry for more of Jesus through Beth Moore!One of my faves...please pick me!Thanks!

Cindi Hoppes

Hi, It sounds wonderful to me. Please enter me in your drawing. I appreciate it.....Thanks,Cindi


I just started a study called Women of Worth. It's a Focus on the Family study. Although it's not a Beth Moore, I would love to be entered in your drawing. Good Luck everyone!


What a great idea to spiral bind. We just finished Stepping Up, you will enjoy the study! Would love a cover for a future Beth Moore study though.


How neat! I have never thought of getting my workbooks spiral bound! I am doing two different workbooks right now and I think I need to go do that!

Plus, a cover would be awesome! :-)

Nice to meet you, too. I was linked here from a local gal's blog and I am so glad I checked your blog out! Can't wait to read more.


I would like a pink one! Love these!

Donna Long

I just finished reading your Living Simply book. I already feel like kindred spirits. Thank you so much....downsizing really is so much more than stuff.

What a fun way to share your talents. Thanks, Donna


Please enter me. I am currently doing Breaking Free. That is a great tip to have it spiral bound. I will have to save up some money to go have that done.


I just finished Woman's Heart and I am half way done with Steppin Up. They both were incredible. Please enter me into the drawing.
Absolutely love your blog-very encouraging!


I just started Beth's study on Daniel! I would love the cover! :)

Melissa @ Breath of Life

Hey...I'm plugging your book this you should DEFINITELY pick me ;-p


Hi Joanne! I'm doing To Live is Christ - the study on Paul. The study looks a little naked and cold right now without a cover. But, how great is Beth? How great are YOU!? :)


Whoa...what a following you have! How very cool! ;)

Carolyn Clifton

Love Beth Moore studies! Thanks for the chance to win a great workbook cover!
Carolyn Clifton

con nie

what a cool give away....and what a lovely blog you have! very uplifting!


Finishing up on David, starting a new one very soon. Can I peruade you to make a matching bible cover? Hand in the air, waving enthusiastically, "pick me, pick me".


I love the covers! I am doing the study on John right now and loving and learning more and more. Tomorrow I'm going to get my workbook spirl bound. What a great idea!

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