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Marla Taviano

Our sermon at church today was about prayer, and our pastor was talking about how praying together creates such intimacy--one reason Satan attacks couple who pray together (makes them uncomfortable, easily irritated, insecure, etc). He knows what power there is when people pray together. Pastor also joked that this is why he counsels pre-marrieds to NEVER pray together. Makes ya wannna get all touchy and stuff. :)

About games--which ones did you get? I'm sick of ours too. And I bought some for Christmas that turned out to be a bust. I would loooooove to come visit you and let our girlies play games together!


I so needed to read this! I had an answer the other day to a simple prayer request--some mail that I had misplaced. No sooner did I utter the little prayer than I felt led to look in a place I KNOW I would not have otherwise looked--and there it was! God cares enough about us to answer even little prayer requests. I have been praying for something very important for years and that prayer has not yet been answered, but this little answer to prayer encourages me to keep on praying. Also, your last post has been an encouragement to me--I will NOT give up, I will pray til I have an answer.


Hi! Wonderful to hear from you. I left a thank you to my commenters from yesterdays post on my comments section. If you have time, slip over and read it. It is so wonderful that there is a group of ladies praying for the school and the kids. As i sit here and think, I cannot imagine very many of the mothers that I know doing this. That's a pity, isn't it?
And yes, I will try to keep up with my son's church notes. I am a saver and I have a ton of the kid's stuff! have a great week. Jen


I really really needed to read this...or may be just to make my self realize that God responds in his own way. There are certain things for which I have been praying for years ....I almost want to give up...I try to convince myself thinking God knows best and may be its for my betterment that he is not responding....But I have got true inspiration and direction today after reading that God will listen one day..just we have to bring the innermost truth out in front of him.
Thanks dear friend.
You are truely God's Child.


Joanne, I needed to read this today, at this very moment. It is hard to forget to just keep praying. Thank you for your insight, wisdom and faith.


We're finishing up Andy Stanley's "iMarriage" study in Sunday School this Sunday. I highly recommend it!!!

The following week, we're starting Philip Yancey's "Prayer" bible study. I can't wait. God has really been talking to me about prayer. I've been asking Him every day to teach me to pray. Since I've done that, I seem to have a lot more reasons to pray! Not so sure I like the relationship between the two, but I know, know, know that He is faithful and that His promises are true.

I'm so glad you told me about the prayer book your mother-in-love gave you...I am loving the more liturgical feel of it from my usual types of devotions.

Love you!

Holly Smith

THANK YOU for being a friend in prayer, Joanne! Only God knows how deeply we feel the blessing of your prayers...but we do feel them.

And it's not a one way relationship--we are honored to pray for you, too.
Love you!


KYour post is so true. I don't know why we get so amazed when God answers---but part of it is the way He answers. It reminds me of how Alfred Hitchcock (sp?) ends his stories!!a surprise ending. God so often takes something that is so twisted up and brings such wonderful good out of it!!---so I guess it is kind of like a hitchcock in reverse?

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