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So here is the plan...OUR church is empty, other than the Pastor and I, most days...all day long. In fact, his day off is Friday so it's just me. Pick your day...a out for the day (well...come the night before and sleep over at my house) and Friday...the church is yours. No donation required and I'll even feed you and provide Starbucks coffee!

OMGosh...that would be so wonderful!

Okay, not really an option at this point, but you did plant the seed (or at least watered a God-seed) that I need to pick a Friday each month and do the thing.

Love you and I'm looking forward to hearing about whatever you feel He is leading to share with us.



That sounds like a wonderful idea. I've often thought of doing something like that too, but right now, I've got one little one at home still and one in school only every other day. And a husband who's gone for the next two months. So I can't imagine how I'd 'retreat' for a day.

I have resolved to pick up a couple of new notebooks -- one to be used as a devotion/prayer journal -- and I'm looking forward to being able to remember who I said I'd pray for and noting answers to prayer. I've never kept a prayer journal before and I'm hoping this will help me get into the habit of spending more time in conversation with God.

Holly Smith

Thank you, Sister, for pouring oil on my head today. I am humbled and happy--holding on to His Word through you during this time. You have brought a gift in your friendship--that is you! I receive it friend. And I hope to pour it right back on you.

Praying for this place of refuge and retreat that God has for you--that soon He will reveal a place that will truly become "your place"--just you and your Savior...a praying aloud and nappish kind of place :)

much love in Christ,

PS 'Hope you can come to Buena Vista!


This is such a neat idea. I can't imagine how all of our lives would change if we took regular time--a good amount of time--to really sit quietly and listen. I don't foresee this happening for me as a regular thing for a few more years (when I don't have babies at home) but I'm looking forward to that day, and in the meantime, I'll just live vicariously through you!


You've done this in my life. Thank you, friend.


I forgot to mention the other day that Faith Bible Chapel has a small prayer chapel that is open 24 hours (I think). It's free to use, but there might be other who come and go during the day to also pray. I'll keep my thinking cap on...


Hi Joanne,
Enjoyed your post and it was really a great word to me...I tend to be kind of an all or nothing person and so when I hear the word retreat...I think it has to THIS LONG and at THIS kind of place, etc. Right now,my youngest Caleb is in preschool two mornings each the beginning of January, I carved out one of those morning to pray and come before the Lord for the new year...what would be my "word" of the verse, etc. and to pray for my family and loved have given me inspiration to make the time each month for a matter the will be worth it...thank you so much!


Thanks for this post Joanne, si bien écrit MERCI !
I don't do "retreats" of this type, well not exactly, but have a day to myself from time to time in the open (preferably alone, with no people around) for prayers and meditation - I found out I have to be outside, for some reasons. And like you, I don't hear "voices" ( my hubby is a psychiatrist, he would worry LOL) but my heart does know and I listen to these messages. Sorry for my terrible English, I hope this makes sense (a little bit !)

Melissa @ Breath of Life

Glad you had a wonderful retreat with Him. How hopeless would life be if He really didn't speak to us? Like you, I know He does because certain thoughts He plants in my head certainly don't come from me! I find He most often speaks through His Word to me, but I love when I get those sweet thoughts from Him.

Blessings, dear one!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your retreat! I think you've added a wonderful spiritual discipline!! I especially liked your comments on a prayer room. Our church currently meets at our local YMCA, but we will soon be building. Your prayer room/retreat idea would be a great thing to keep in mind as we finalize plans for our building!


This is such a great idea. FYI - Glen Eyrie has a room available for prayer retreats if you're interested in driving down to the Springs sometime.

I think New Life Church has several prayer rooms available as well.


What a neat idea! I hope you'll be able to find an ideal place for next time.


Awesome idea! I was thinking...why does she have to leave if no one is there. It was a silly thought, 'cause I have to leave my house just to do my homework, and I don't even have responsibilities, but there is always something to do other than what needs to be done, so, I get it.
It sounds like you have a bit of a different bent on journaling.... I have journaled since I was 15, but never really went back through them. That's an awesome idea too...just to be able to watch the Lord move through daily life events.

Yeah, I definately like that...thanks.

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