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Holly Smith

Yep! I do! Count me in!!


You are a dear, Joanne.


If only Singapore was just one train stop away from Denver...

Melissa @ Breath of Life

Not so easy to get there from Virginia, either. But man I'd love to!


Oh!! I do want to come, Joanne. But I can't. I already skipped Bible Study once to come over, and I can't do it again (yet). I'd come prepared to learn to knit, and would bring the blanket I'm crocheting as a back-up. Sigh. Sounds wonderful!


Can we do it on IChat?????
Maybe one day we'll be neighbors! The dream won't die!


I'm soon as I buy my plane ticket!


Wish I could come but Denver is a long drive from California. Sounds like a really fun time. I'll be thinking about all you ladies and the good time you will be having.


Owww.....I want to join ....You people have fun....Will wait for pictures as usual.


What a great idea... if only I lived closer. :)

I wonder if you would mind helping me with something. I'm trying to give code for a button (like your simple things button) in a blog post, but don't know how. Is it something that would be easy to explain. When I put the code in just as text, it puts my button there... not real helpful. I would appreciate any help you are willing to give! Thanks!

miss chris

You know I would if I weren't so far away...! Sounds super fun, Joanne! XO


Count me in! I'll be there with bells on!


You are SO fun! I'd love to come...will let you know for sure really soon!


Uh, yeah! Roger is planning to take the kids skiing/snowboarding that day ~ maybe I'll be able to talk him into letting me hang out at your house for a while instead of sitting in the lodge at Winter Park. ;) Plane ticket's bought, rental car's reserved, and hotel reservations are confirmed ~ can't wait to actually be there!!!


Teri H

So is this open to anyone? I just found your blog recently and saw the pictures from your last gathering... it sounds like loads of fun!

Lisa R-P

Oh that sounds like so much fun! I wish that I could fly to Denver and hang out with you. I'll be at Disney World thought so quite far away.

Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings

Why does TN have to be so far away from you?! I want to learn to knit so bad.

Marla Taviano

I don't have one iota of desire in me to ever knit, crochet, or sew a stitch BUT if I lived in your half of the continent, I'd be there in a HEARTBEAT! Here's hoping you have a fabulous time!!

Queen B

What fun! I would love to learn how to knit...I've got the supplies but don't know where to start. Too bad I'm 3 states away!!

Have fun!!


Oh, I wish that I could come over, Joanne! But we don't travel much, and Minnesota is kind of far away. But what a lovely idea! And what a dear you are to open your house for these types of gatherings! You inspire me to plan my own crafty gathering here locally sometime soon after the worst of our winter is over. And if you're ever in Minneapolis, please let me know!

Amy McLean

I might like to come to the next craft time. Are babies welcome? I would be one of the ones that just sits> :)

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