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You have downfall are the Tagalongs...


I also have eaten way too many Girl Scout cookies. I like the coconut/caramel ones. I ate a whole box on Saturday and felt really guilty. (There are only 15 little, tiny, two bite cookies per box.) Joanne you are in good company.


Been there, done that, just not this year. I have joked in the past that there are only two servings in the Thin Mint box. :-)

Amy Ragland

You are not the only one!! I have lost my mojo lately and after losing 37lbs, I am slipping back to old habits. :( Grrr...

Holly Smith

No, I don't struggle with eating too much...I struggle with choosing the wrong things and drinking too that is :)


Yes I too I have eaten a sleeve of Samoa's. So good though!

Beth Whitney

Um, yeah, that's me too! Except my thorn is homemade snickerdoodles. You can't just eat one, or two, or 6...


I hear ya! For me, it's a new kind of cookie I found at Costco: ginger lemon cookies! It's like two crispy (small) gingersnaps with lemon creme in the center. Yum!


I hear ya! For me, it's a new kind of cookie I found at Costco: ginger lemon cookies! It's like two crispy (small) gingersnaps with lemon creme in the center. Yum!


Definitely been there...done that. :)


haha! Thin Mints- small, dark and evil :) But hey, it's for a good cause!

Not to make you feel any worse but have you read the label on those little monsters?? 150 calories in only 4 cookies! eek.


I am anxiously awaiting my Girl Scout cookie arrival... April 15th is the date!

Kim Davis

I have to add my name to this list. My daughter and I sat down to have a "couple" of cookies and all of a sudden I hear my daughter's sweet little voice with, "Mommy, are we going to eat ALL of these, the whole thing?" I looked down and sure enough, there were only 4 left.

Ann at mommysecrets

You are SO not the only one!!! Exercising is my one saving grace for my chocolate passion. :)

Elizabeth Gibson

No. Unfortunately, you are not the only one. The other day, after a successful day of dieting, I snacked on a huge salad bowl of homemade popcorn - aargh!


Ahhhh....the curse of the thin mints rears it's all-too-ugly head! You do realize they fall right behind mini eggs in the "NO SELF CONTROL" arena?!?!?! At least I now know what the correct wording is for one of those devilish stacks of cookies...I always replayed how I ate A WHOLE TUBE OF COOKIES BY MYSELF!!!!! Yet, somehow eating a sleeve really doesn't make it sound much better either...yes, the post-baby love handles continue to be padded! :)

Ahhh...tis spring...the calorie season...and why is it that the GS cookies and mini eggs much appear together AND right before swimsuit season?!?! I'm going to need to do dancing with the stars soon...oh wait...does eating A BOX of thin mints in 2 days qualify me as a star? Now that is a calorie achievement! At least the show's plentiful use of spray tans would make my fatty thighs feel smaller...why is it that a good tan just makes me look thinner?!?! God bless my little arteries and all the plaque I'm coating them in this gone no self control!
Love ya girl!

Erin W

No cookies this week but I can be known to stand at the counter with an open bag of chocolate chips and and a jar of peanut butter on a really stressful day.

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