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Yeah well, camping can make someone fall apart when they get home. But hey, the camping experience is so worth it! I loved school camps and especially the Outward Bound School we had to go for in secondary school!

And oh my gosh, 30 bottles of nail polish?! I've only got 2 and I don't even use them that often. You're one colourful person! =D


Oh, I love lists too!! =D

Holly B.

Sounds like a relaxing weekend away! What a cool Brownie leader you are! Have fun!


I love lists, too. I have lists of my lists.

I would love a nice relaxing weekend away learning to sew and painting my nails.

Surprisingly, school is actually slowing down here. Our senior has very few senior exams, although his German class is on full-out review mode for the German AP test. No projects. He's had it pretty easy this year. Our junior is in review mode for the SOL's (Standards of Learning) exams. And the sixth grader is having more recess time. Go figure.

This weekend we're working on the yard on Saturday and volleyball tournament all Sunday.

Catch up with you next week. Love you and have a great time with the girls and their moms!


You do know that a camping packing list needs subcategories right? There is the clothing list, the toiletries list, the food list, the food for the cooler list, the camping gear list and the misc list for things that just don't fit any of those categories.

My husband's family doesn't do lists. They think I'm crazy.


I used to make lists when I was in College..which course to do when...but that kept changing with the day. But I think it is great was to be organised and get things done without involving the stress of forgetting and going back...
I will pray for you and the girls and their mom's. I have never been on a camp...girl scout camps where a new thing for me when I first came to US..tell me something Joanne...are only Mom's allowed on the camps...will they allow me to join in?


P.S. Take tons of photos (if you can)!

Dawn W

I love lists! I keep "seasonal" lists stored on my pc so I can reuse them each year, just tweaking as I go. (i.e., holiday baking lists, decorating, spring cleaning, etc.)

It is genetic, I think. My mom is a professional list maker, now me. My son is carrying on the trait. My daughter - not so much! (Must take after dad's side of the family! Ha!)

Bobbie Jo

I LOVE girl scout camp! I am a leader of 20+ Cadettes/Seniors. Have been for the last 11 years. As a matter fact I am going up to our camp here to hang out for the day and see what another SU does for camp plus I am being the pool watcher for my friend the life guard! After that we are having our Leader/Daughter Game Night! Have a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it!

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