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Melissa @ Breath of Life

Amen! Isn't it hard to bear others' burdens sometimes...especially when you can't really help?

I was just reading the story of Lazarus' death again yesterday, and was struck fresh with John telling us that Jesus loved that family. Still, they had to suffer so that God's glory could be revealed. And He wept at their pain, though He knew what the outcome would be. I'm counseling a friend in a bad marriage right now, and can't wait to share this with her. No matter the circumstances, He most assuredly loves us.

Kay Friedenstein

It really is OK to not have answers for hurts that friends have...we are NOT the ones to fix problems, but we are the arms loaded with loving hugs from God and we are the tear filled eyes that let our friends know that because we care, God cares even more deeply. We do have the ultimate answer and it is all wrapped up in the person of Jesus. Sometimes our good work that the Lord has given us to do is to cry, hug, and speak of Him and His amazing power to heal brokenness. Look up and expect great things...Psalm 123!


Oh, Joanne. These verses are such an encouragement to me this week! You have no idea! Thanks for sharing.

Holly Smith

Hear me, friend--you have a beautiful heart. You have good words and prayers and encouragement. You have a smile and friendship. I see you offering Jesus everywhere you turn. You are blooming. A bloomin' friend is Joanne (I do mean the funny English part, too :)!

I know this, because I am a first-hand recipient. Keep holding people close to your heart and letting your heart spill out. It't a lovely picture of Christ.

Holly B.

Thanks so much for sharing, mon amie! I needed to read this rightthisminute.


I knew your heart was don't have to have all the answers. You do a wonderful job without having all the answers. You mean so much to me, Joanne. I LOVE that your heart is burdened and heavy-laden with the pain of is what we are supposed to do. I can't tell you how your phone call lifted my heart.

Love u.


Hi Joanne- Thanks for your uplifting words. They were needed today! Missi


Amen! Thanks for the wonderful perspective.


Thank you for your words... I can definitely relate to the feeling of being weighed down and troubled by the difficulties of others. Sometimes I feel I have been given a special grace to really feel for people... and yet there are days that I consider it a mixed blessing.


It hurts my heart to see/know others are hurting. I am convinced there is a way to "bear one another's burdens" without letting it affect us! I just don't know what that is. I pray for them, yes, but then I have a hard time not carrying it!

Anyway, I can truly relate.


Today I was telling a friend how much I worried about my 11 year old daughter who is in angst about not being popular. Then, after bible study a lovely 93 year old lady asked me to pray for her son who is suffering from MS, "one day he will die and he isn't a believer," she worriedly said. Her son is 71, We are never too old or too far removed from the sorrows of others. it is how our Creator made us.

Jen Medeiros

Thank you Joanne for the Bible verse. My grandfather is very sick and these words are comforting. I am going to share them with my grandma and I know they will uplift her spirit!

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