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how far apart are your girls?


I know what you are talking about. I'll never forget it when a friend told me to beware. That one night I would put my sweet darling daughter to bed and in the morning when I went to wake her up there would be a Big Mouth in her bed. I laughed at the time, but as time went on, that became so true on some mornings. All you can do is love them and know that this is the road to growing up and becoming their own person and it will pass.


Hmmm... so it begins. Here's praying your love can overcome the 'tude. I was a terrible fire starter in my house as a teen. But you're her Mama, and she'll remember you stuck it out through thick and thin. I do. I miss my late night talks with Mom. I call them "jam sessions". She just listened and I just dumped. May God bless you with some great jam sessions too.

(FYI You may need to bust curfew now and then though. You know... when the latest crisis requires a debriefing?!)


Thirty minutes ago my 12 yr old was snuggling next to me while he woke up. Now we are snapping at each other. It only takes a second for their little attitudes to turn sour.


I know what you mean. My girl is 9 1/2, and we are smack in the middle of pre-teen drama. I'm friends with many of her friends' mothers...and we're all experiencing the same thing. Mouth & attitude are running rampant. Honestly, we've had to go back to spanking. She gets a warning after her first offense, and a reminder to control herself because the spanking will be coming next. Many times, that nips it...but sometimes she just can't get control and the spanking comes. Then, usually within 15 minutes, she's transformed into the most loving child you could ask for. I'm trying to remember that she's just testing her boundaries...but some days it's tough.

And what IS it with a girls wanting her dad? I guess she figures she's got him wrapped around her little finger. In my house, that's about right ;-)

Sorry to hijack your blog...this hit close to home for me!


Not sweet Audrey!

Even at the tender age of TWO, my youngest Addie has an attitude. A feisty one! She can shoot us dirty looks that make us feel tiny. That's when we say she's got an Addie-tude. Maybe in your house, it's an Aud-itude. :)


Awww..I am sure Audrey is a little worked up after being not so well..she will be back to her cute self in no time...
Praying for all Moms and Dads ..may God give everybody strength and guidance.


Can I just go to bed now at 2:30? We started off so great today and then everything took a lousy turn around lunch. I'm ready to call it a day.

Elizabeth Gibson

Amen to your last comment!

Erin S

Chaulk it up to hormones. It can be a difficult age for them, with all the physical and hormonal changes going on inside. I guess now we know what our mother's went through with us. Good luck.


Some days, wwe never know which Sarah lives here...the drama queen or the sweet, loving, compassionate Sarah. Some days we have both...over and over and over...
Now that we're on the same cycle...well I just feel sorry for the boys that live here!

Dawn W

I've often reminded my hubby that it's a good thing I've had a hysterectomy or he'd be living in a house with TWO hormonal women. Ha!

Isn't it amazing how quickly the words (or even an expression) of our child can take us down? And they think we're the boss...

Blessings! Dawn


Just wait until her hormones are all lined up with yours...YIKES!

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