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I live in a Chicago Suburb... in Illinois:)

I love the vast range of city and country. I have every store, movie, play, and museum you can imagine pretty close and tons of forest preserves and open country too.


Evansville Indiana checking in!

There are so many things I love about Eville. I love seeing the Ohio River from my office window. I love the small town feeling in a city that boasts numerous Starbucks, movie theaters and a first class philharmonic orchestra. I love the Fall Festival. Over 100 food booths of deep fried love. I love that I'm within 3 hours of Nashville, St. Louis, Indy and Louisville. I love that we get all four seasons in all their fury and glory. I love it because it has been my home for all my 40 years.

Raising Country Kids

Very Rural Montana: I see cows, horses, deer, eagles, and other animals out my front window, but I never have to worry about the neighbors seeing me in my pajamas in the morning.

miss chris

Lees Summit, Missouri, here... and I love how close we are to Kansas City and, yet, I have cows down the street from me. It's still a small town and I love it. :)


Turlock, California
I love my backyard. My husband is a great gardener, and our yard is fun to relax/read in and enjoy the beautiful flowers.

Holly Smith

Looking out at the beautiful mountains, teeming with wildlife that I cannot see, but can imagine.

I wish I were the Holly in France for a week :o)

Love you!


Cincinnati,'s a lot closer to my family than MN or CO was (2 other places I have lived).


Dallas, Texas
Love the it specially in summers.
I adore all the parks and the lakes.
Greetings to everyone from Dallas!!

Beth Whitney

Carmichael, CA

This is a suburb of Sacramento-we are 2 hours to "the city" (San Francisco), not far from the Mountains, we have all the great CA museums, capitol, 2 rivers, a great lake, and my family lives here. My girls go to the Christian school I attended. Oh, and fabulous weather, most of the time!


I live in Seattle, but am originally from the Denver area. My husband and I moved right after getting married so he could attend Seminary in Seattle. I love reading your blog because it reminds me of my home and family that I someday hope to move back to. That CO blue sky is one of a kind, the sky is not as blue out here! Thanks for blogging.

missi smith

I live in a suburb of Orlando (Fl). I love being close to the beach, having so much to do- from theme parks to normal city stuff, our swimming pool, palm trees, seeing the space shuttle go up and hearing it come down, the diversity of Orlando ( I have friends from Egypt, France, Iran, S. Africa, etc.) and having family and friends nearby. Missi Smith

PS-JoAnne-Thanks for letting me know about Elizabeth Peters. I'm not sure how I missed her all these years! I'm excited to have so many books ahead of me to read!

Dawn W

I love the (hot) weather - swimming 9 months out of the year, the lakes, the day-drive to the coast... and the friendliest people ever! Oh, rodeos, bbq and Tex-Mex food. Hook 'em Horns!

I don't like... being so far from my immediate family.

Austin, TX burbs

PS - Isn't Sitemeter fun?!


I live in a itty bitty town in East Teas.
I love the rolling hills, the tall pines trees, the lush thick woods, beautiful wildflowers, very hot, humid summers, lakes, the friendliest people anywhere, tex-mex food on every corner, churches on every other corner! We have antique stores, trades days, small town festivals and crafts shows all the time here. This area is very family friendly. Life is fairly slow paced. Most of my family is here. God smiled on this part of the world!


I currently reside in Charleston, SC. I'm orginally fromt the Puget Sound area in Washington St. My favorite thing about Charleston is the history. I don't think I'd ever seen a building that dates back to the Revolutionary War until I moved here. The humidity is something I could do without, but we are near the beach.


i'm a florida girl all the way! we live in jupiter, fla, which is a "small" area north of west palm beach on the southern atlantic side (about an hour and a half north of miami). i love that there are more palm trees than any other kind of tree. i love that everyone wears flip flops all day every day all year round. i love that we can have our toes in the sand about 7 minutes after pulling out of our driveway. i love that my two year old has an enviable tan and that when she's naked you can see exactly which bathing suit she wore last. :) secretly, i think i even love the ridiculous heat.


Long afternoon drives in the Tennessee countryside and Thanksgiving in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. :)

Marla Taviano

Okay, this is a real test in contentment and gratitude for me. What do I love about Columbus, Ohio??

Um, the zoo? The Metro Gardens? Lots of cool shops and restaurants to explore? The diversity. Something for everyone. The green grass, trees, and flowers. Most of my family is just an hour or two away.

Any other Ohioans out there?? Holly from France is an Ohioan by birth. (or at least lived there for quite awhile) Hi, Holly!

Ann at mommysecrets

I'm your middle Tennesee reader. I love Tennessee's lush green rolling hills and the southern hospitality. :)


Hi Joanne...

I live close to Colorado Springs, and my favorite things about living here are:
Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Glen Eyrie, mountains, brilliant blue skies, wildlife, Columbine, hiking, apen trees, snow (just not in March/April/May), and cool summer nights. I'm sure there's more, but that's all my 38-year-old brain can come up with right now! :)

Fun question, by the way!


Hi! I found your blog several months back via The Homespun Heart and have been meaning to delurk for a while now.

Colorado Springs, CO: Love the purple mountain views every day, the sunshine, the super low humidity and the scarcity of bugs here.


Ooh yay! I see my name there! =D

What's my favourite thing about Singapore? friends, family and how beautiful the city looks at night :)


Hi Joanne,

It has been awhile since I commented on your blog. We live in Hobe Sound, FL (just north of Katie there, maybe we need to meet!) I love being 2 miles from the beach, although with 4 little ones I don't get there much! I love wearing sandles year round, I usually only wear "real" shoes when we go "home" for Christmas. What I don't like is all of our family is in the mid-west, you'll understand from living in CA. That is why we are headed to Oklahoma and Kansas (to dodge tornadoes!) for a few weeks :-)



Hi Joanne!

I live in Melbourne Australia. I love it here for the cold Autumn weather and the mountains, although they're probably insignificant compared with yours in Colorado!


Hi Joanne!

I live in Melbourne Australia. I love it here for the cold Autumn weather and the mountains, although they're probably insignificant compared with yours in Colorado!

Melissa H.

I'm a reader from a small town in Western Kentucky. First and foremost, I love that I've been here all my life and my entire family is here. I love my neighborhood and the fact that I feel safe letting my kids play outside in our yard. And, I love my great big yard! I'm within a 2 hour drive to Nashville, Evansville IN, and Louisville. So, I live the quiet, small town life, but I'm close to the "big city" excitement!


Hi Joanne,

I'm your Cardiff reader! I'm from Dallas, Texas but we live in Wales, working with university students!

Holly B.

Paris, France

What to say? I love that I can walk just about anywhere, and the timeless charm of such an old city. The best croissants and pastries(the best cheese ever;ok the best food in general). Le café!


I can't remember if I ever delurked or not. I am an Iowa girl and I also came via the Homespun Heart. I am not sure what city it says I am from but I am from a small town south of Des Moines. I love where I live because I am right in the middle of about 4 larger towns and we are also in the middle of a lot of the lakes and state parks in our state. I love that my kids go to a small school. I also love where I live because we have kids on both sides of us, behind us and around the corner. They are always out playing and the parents hang out and talk.


As one of the few actually born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, what do I love about living here? Good question as hubby and I always joke about moving back East or to the Midwest to get away from LA! But truth be told, we live in a great "small town feeling" suburb with the snow 2 hours away and the beach 1 hour away (it is LA traffic you know!) We know our neighbors all around well and our kids can play outside in the culdesac. Our growing season starts early and continues when others have put their gardens to bed. The weather can be hot here, but we don't get the humidity that others suffer. Eventually, we'll move somewhere where we can actually own acreage, but for now, the glass is 1/2 full! :)

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