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Dawn W

Wow! Did you do that all in ONE day? (Can you please come visit me?)


Lisa R-P

Wow -- that looks great. You had some pictures of the old room in your sidebar -- but it was hard to see the wallpaper.

We have been plotting, planning, and procrastinating on a similar project in our kitchen. We need to take down the wallpaper, paint the walls, and get new countertops. That just doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me. I even sent out some queries on prices to just hire it out. Would you and Toben like to come and visit for a weekend? :-0


Eight bucks? You did good, girl! Love the Paris theme.

I understand those projects that weigh on you. When you get to it, it really isn't that bad. The worst part is the anticipation. Kinda like getting a needle. Ha!


Wow, that is a huge makeover! And it looks awesome!

I've been procrastiponing my room "makeover". I've been intending to revamp it for a very long time. Looking on the bright side, I got the painting done. Now it's just the addition of decorations here and there.

Procrastinate + postponing = Procrastiponing! Exciting! I like the word!

Holly at Crownlaiddown

There's a bit of the wallpaper on your "Home Sweet Home" page--maybe you can enlarge it.

I am working on the cookbook--and tired. :)

Love you friend!

Holly B.

Bravo, Joanne ! C'est magnifique !
Love it!


We refinished our dining room table a couple weeks ago... and it has started us thinking about tearing up the wall to wall carpet and putting down area rugs. We went to the carpet store and we were completely overwhelmed by all the choices. It's hard to know the way to go.

trying traditional

I'm procrastiponing our bedroom. Isn't that awful! I feel like it should be our refuge but instead it's an afterthought. We added onto our house 4 years ago...the new kitchen, the rooms that got tore up, and the new laundry room got wonderful paint, cupboards, etc. But we ran out of cash and our bedroom got plain old buff paint and mismatched mismatched that it simply couldn't be made to look cute. The we adopted twins, now we are tyring to cook all our own food and we're still broke from the twins (worth every penny and tear!)

One day, before we leave this house, I'm going to at least get pictures on the wall and move my favorite chair in there!


I love the word procrastiponing! And your bathroom make-over looks fantastic. I think I'll start using your word ~ it's the perfect word for what goes on in our lives at times.

Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks! :)

Erin W

Love the word! I can leave the laundry until it starts to climb over onto the bed!! And then I hate to put it away...bad I know!!


Looks great! I have to admit though, when I thought back to your powder room, I could only remember the cute Paris theme, not the wallpaper! Isn't it fun to freshen things up?

What I'm procrastiponing (LOVE that word!)... oh, I don't know, coming up with a name for this baby, switching over the nursery from pink to blue... you know, minor things. AAAGGHH!

Natalie @ I AM (not)

I'm always looking for a project to do! Your bathroom looks cute! We're working on our patio and I'm loving it!

I clicked over from life at 7000 feet


I'm procrastiponing (great word!) um, well, everything! I'm best under pressure, like this morning when I wiped down the sink and counter, folded a basket of laundry and wrapped a present in about 24 minutes. Whew!! Oh, then sped off to work.
I love the bathroom, every detail looks so great! Way to go, I bet that feels so good!!

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