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Melissa @ Breath of Life

Love this Scripture. It's yet another reminder that I'm to head to Isaiah after I finish John.

I love Sundays. Since implementing changes in our home to make Sunday a day of worship and rest, I find I look forward to Sunday all week. I see it truly is God's gift to us.


Thank you for the reminder of tending to our current ministries. My husband and I have been blessed to god-parents to MANY. But we are failing miserably in caring for their spiritual needs. Your post today is reminding me to get writing and praying (they are all over the country... only one in our area).


"It's not time to add something new until we're doing what we're already doing well."

Excellent point. Time to reassess what we're doing and see what it is that we do well and what we can let go/add. Not just for Sabbath, but for every day. The beginning of the school year always brings this mentality in me--yet, I don't always follow thru.


Thanks for sharing. We have two Compassion children and I have been terrible about writing to them also. By setting aside a certain time would be a great way to make sure they receive letters. I appreciate your wisdom on this topic!

Marla Taviano

This post was just what I needed today!! Thank you! We'll be setting aside time to write to Dorcus and Maria.

And I LOVE that passage from Isaiah 58.

Love you, friend!


I felt convicted reading this. We're just awful about writing to our Compassion son in Haiti, Pierre. I think his time is almost "up" with Compassion, so now I feel inspired to make the most of what we have left with him. Thanks!

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