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Dawn W

Learning to say "no" can be a very freeing experience. I think women, in particular, are made to feel guilty if we say "no" to anything - especially if it relates to our kids, or certainly as it relates to ministry opportunities. It sounds silly, but it took me years before I realized that I didn't have to say "yes" (and that God didn't want me to!) to every opportunity!

As you know, we have a very similiar "no" list - which leaves a whole lot more room for worship, serving and just being together as a family.



Wow...I loved looking at your list and Sabbath thoughts. It's nice that you and your hubby are on the same page where God is concerned. I'm a bit unequally yoked. Our Sundays (or Sabbath--usually a Sunday) are not as pared down as what yours will look like, but I've made it known that I don't want to work or have any "have-tos" in as much as that can happen. My husband has been pretty respectful of this.

Re: the fiction reading. That one would be hard for me. I totally understand how wrapped up we can become in a story, and not allow God's still small voice to enter in the picture. Yet another idea to chew on. :)


I'll resist the tea and cookie because it's almost supper time (and I really MUST lost this eight pounds that used to be five), but I really enjoyed this post Joanne. I've been looking forward to reading it.
I really do agree with the concept of taking some things out. I will have to think it prayerfully through. Thanks Joanne.


That's awesome! I've never actually even thought about the Sabbath and what it means (sadly); I know what it meant long ago. Anyway, I'll have to figure out what it means to me ;)

NO (just

Lisa R-P

What a great list of "Do Nots". I am looking forward to the list of Do's. I am trying to focus on staying home on Sunday afternoons to do something creative. To relax. To not be overbooked and overscheduled 1 day out of the week. Baby steps -- I'll get there.

Saying no is really hard. We are dealing with a different "no". Olivia is growing up and making some of her own choices. She is saying "no" to piano lessons. That is really hard for me. I don't like quitting and I am sad to see her quit a good thing. She wants to join the swim team after soccer is done. She knows that she cannot do it all --- in that way she is already smarter and better balanced than her mother :-0 It's just hard to have my little girl grow up -- and -- be different from me.


definitely good stuff, thank you! I think the most convicting thing for me was listening to Alistair Begg's series on The Ten Commandments. wow.

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