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Janet Cline

Love the blog! We just got back from the Lake of the Ozarks last weekend. Had a great time.

They have a couple of cool scrapbooking shops there now. My friends and I are going on a scrapbooking weekend to a bed & breakfast at the Lake in Sept.

Hope you will be in San Antonio. Would love to meet you.



I loved those invisible pen books as a kid too! Every trip my family took my mom was sure to buy me one of those books to keep me happy, and most importantly, quiet!


Wow - I remember Auto Bingo! How fun!

Annabelle@Christian Momma

It's been such a long time since I've seen those types of books! Oh how I'd love to win these for my boys! We are leaving for a camping trip on Wednesday morning, so if I win and don't respond, that would be why. I do get emails from my annabelle222 at gmail dot com if you need to email me! ;)

Lisa in California

I loved those books. My kids love them too, but we can't seem to find them on a regular basis.


It sounds like such a wonderful family time Joanne. We have just returned home from time with our kids and grands. It was a trip to help them move - so tiring for everyone - but there is nothing sweeter than spending time with them. It is always so hard to say good-by.
You are making priceless memories.


Neat giveaway!! I remember those also as a kid, and Loved them!!

God bless-


We found some of those auto bingo games in Estes Park a year ago and our kids love them. It's been fun to pass my childhood memories on to them!

Dawn W

Great finds! Even my "big kids" (i.e., teenagers!) love these things on long car trips.

Sounds like your vacation is going so well.

Blessings! Dawn


Very cute toys! Your trip brings back memories of visiting The Ozarks. Have fun. Missi


Hi Joanne!

So glad to hear you're having such a great time. We've spent much time in those parts, particularly near Branson on Tablerock Lake (I was a camp counselor down there).

Excited to see you after you get back!


It looks like you are having a wonderful vacation. I loved those books when I was little. My cousin and I incorporated them into playing Nancy Drew and uncovering clues. I haven't seen them in years. How fun!



I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog over the past couple of months and am currently enjoying your book Living Simply. You and I are kindred spirits in much...our love of things simple and nostalgic and homey...while incorporating a personal flair and style, the color red, popsicles and comfy pjs, reading to our kids (we are currently reading the Narnia series and lots of Bobbsey Twins), of course our love for Jesus, our priority of husbands and kids, our love for our sisters, and much more. The more I read from your hand the more I see myself...thanks for the reminders to stop and enjoy the everyday moments and ponderings...they are what will fill our hearts and minds in years to come. Many blessings on you and your family.



I had forgotten about both of those fun games!!

I just recently found your blog, and I am enjoying reading it!


LOVE THOSE BOOKS! So many good childhood memories from those!!!
And the auto bingo game...passed lots of hours in the car with those!
So glad that you guys are having a great vacation!


What memories your prize package brings pack. I loved the "Invisible Ink" books, also! Bingo is always fun and I love these Bingo cards that can travel well. Please enter me in your drawing. I appreciate it. Thanks, Cindi

Trying Traditional

I have fond memories of the invisble ink books. Mr Mystery was one of my favorites on long car rides!


Oooohhhh, I'd just love this for my kids!


I used to love those magic ink books! Ahh the memories.

Rhonda, louisville, KY

I began reading your book Living Simply just this week. My husband,two boys and I downsized from 3,000 sq ft to 1,050 sq ft to move and attend seminary. Your book was an encouragement
that it is ok to vacum from one outlet. We have sold and given away and I feel we can really go where God leads after seminary. Thanks for a transparent heart that obviously loves God. Nice vacation pictures.



Count me in! My son would love those.

Holly @ crownlaidown

Sounds fun for our Thanksgiving trip to Texas!!

We have a sickness going aounrd. Pray for health for us. And our main computer died, too. Fortunately the cookbook was on the laptop! It goes to print tomorrow.

Praying for a safe journey home, friend!

Marla Taviano

We bought some invisible ink books on vacation last summer. I loved, loved, loved them as a kid! I've seen the bingo cards but have never owned any. We used computer print-outs on our Kentucky trip last week. (I want to win!)


We used to have car Bingo boards when I was a kid... but I'm not familiar with the invisible ink books.

Tonya K

Hey, just found your blog. How fun. I remember invisible ink and auto bingo, except ours weren't quite so fancy... Thanks for the giveaway. I'm crossing my fingers.

Barbara Watkins

Would love to win your give away goodies, please put my name in the hat.
Thank you, Barbara

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