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Beth Whitney

Oh wow! Those are awesome! I will show them to the principal at our school. I wouldn't mind having them here too! Easier to give spelling quizzes!


This is the neatest thing! We have some we use, but not as cool as these! My boys would love these!



Hi-Because of your suggestion, I bought a dry erase for my son's spelling words and he loves it. I'd love to win this style too. Thanks! Missi

Sarah Miller

Oh...the teacher in me is salavating! Count me in! :)


What a fun product. We are working on learning our letters at our house and this would be great. Thanks!


That is a great looking board. I could use one for when my young grandkids come over.


Enter me please - those look neat!


These are so cool!! We have a dry erase board, but I love that this one has the lines - and a handle!

Melissa @ Breath of Life

They're adorable. Pick me *waving*

ocean mommy


My mind is spinning with all the ways to use them!

Have a great weekend,


I'm horrible... only the lure of free stuff gets me to actually take the time to comment! :)

Hope to see you soon... I am (crossing fingers) in the last couple of weeks of yuckiness.


Zoe needs this for first grade! Count me in! :)

Dawn W

I love dry erase boards! I keep one in my pantry for my running shopping list and both my kids have one in their rooms, too.


Wow!!! These are great. I can just see myself using them with my small groups at school. I'm in!!!!


I'm new to your blog but I do love it and I would love to win this blog candy. I can imagine the fun my boys and I could have with those paddles...and yes, we'll use the white board part sometimes too! LOL!


Dry erase boards get all of my students they are so cheap and last forEVER! Even in high school....


I'd love one:)...this would be great for quizzing my girls on their spelling words!

Lisa P in California

I went to her website when I originally saw her comment and loved the boards. I think they would be wonderfully helpful for my 3 children (ages 5,6,7). Thanks for the contest!!! Count me in!


Wow! I can even think of ways to use these with my 8th grade students. But what I really think would be cool is using them for scratch paper while we do math homework at home. Thanks for sharing!

Carla Pullum

these would be great for my daughters class or my business meetings!


Ohhh, I want to play! Those are so neat. My kids would really enjoy using those!

Amy Ensign

Oh! Those are too cool! I would love one!! I think it would be a great, fun way to teach Kenzie her letters, words, etc! I hope I get it!!! :)


Very cool. I can't wait to show them to my sister. They might be great for homeschool.


I can think of all sorts of ways to use those for homework. Count me in!

Trying Traditional

My girls are both in second grade and I can see some fun learning races done with these :)


OH, how I would love to use these with my kids and my students. So compact, easy to hold and incredible!


What a fantastic idea! My sons could give each other homework questions on these! Also, it would be fun to leave messages for other family members on them. I would use these like flashcards! One could begin a story line on this dry erase board. I love how the pens with erasers clip on the handle which would make them easier not to loose. Please enter me in your fabulous contest drawing. Many thanks, Cindi


That was very generous of her. I would love to give these to the girls. Thanks!


These are AMAZING. I just love them. The possibilities are endless. Would love to win!!! Thanks, Bitsy


Those look great, and with two kids, one package would be perfect. It would be great to win. Thanks for offering them. :)


Pick me! Pick me!


Those are awesome. We homeschool and I can think of many ways we could use them. Hope we win. :)



Your blog updates are truly one of the highlights of my day! I hope you are having a great weekend.

And, those ARE very cool dry erase tools :o)



Too cool! I love dry erase things, and these are even cooler !!

Amy @ By His Grace

How great!


We are 3 weeks in to our first year of homeschooling...ugh. (3rd grade and K) It has sad since we had to leave a really wonderful christian school to homeschool. We have been needing something like a dry erase board for simple problems or demonstrations. It would be such a fun thing to get these.

By the way...been "lurking" on your blog for quite some time and really enjoy reading it. Love some of your homemade things! I love to sew but just don't find much time for I enjoy watching what others make.


Those are SOOO cool! My kiddos would enjoy them very much!


How cool are those??? I'd love to be included in your drawing!


wonderful giveaway!

I had already checked out her site when she left you a comment! aren't they just great?!

I could use these with the four year olds i teach. thanks for the opportunity!.


What a great idea! If only I was that creative :) A drawing sounds fun...please include me!

Tiffany Morse

I'm so in, but it looks like so many others are as well. These look amazing. Tiffany For His Glory


These are great! My kids would be thrilled to use them for homeschooling!


How cool is that..I want one. Count me in.
Thanks a ton Joanne and Julia.

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

I'd love to win!!

Are you going to Women of Faith? Let me know!

Praying for you tomorrow...have been all weekend.


These are great! I also got a dry erase board because of your suggestion and my boys love to use it to practice their letters.


Yes, I want one, I mean two! =) Thanks for sharing!


I would love to have two of these for my boys. And it works out perfect since there are two and I have two children :)
Homeschooling has been a big adjustment and this would be one more thing to help brighten their day.


These would be great for my new kindergartner and preschooler. They love to use their doodle boards, but these would be easier to use for practicing their ABCs and 123s. Thanks for the giveaway!


That was really nice of her. We love using dry erase boards around our house. Still doesn't save on paper though. My daughter loves to draw way to much.


I think this would be great for practicing spelling words for my son!

I love reading your blog, it is very uplifting for me on my new journey with Christ.


I love dry erase markers and actually anything school supply related.
Count me in on your drawing.

Amy Coughenour

I've been reading your blog since you spoke at our Calvary MOPS group. I love your creativity and great ideas! Love the paddles, too!


Those look so cool.... my kids would love them!

Heidi Summerhays

Like so many others have said I can think of dozens of ways to use these with my two girls.
What a generous person she was to send so many to you. And to turn around and share them makes you a generous soul as well.
Thank you.
xxcrossing my fingers to win the drawingxx


Thanks for the give away-they look great!!

Liisa Kreydatus

wow, my daughter could actually use and reuse them unlike the papers she draws on and then evetually get thrown away.
I would love to have one of those

Marla Taviano

Oh my goodness! Those are amazing! Am I allowed to win since I won last time?? If not, I'll just have to go pick up a pair of those off her site. Wow!!

Jen Schrock

I'm leaving a comment. :)


These would be perfect for my two is learning to write and one is practicing cursive. Thanks.


Hi Joanne,
I enjoy reading your emails.  Most of the time I'm looking at them for inspiration.  I'm a stay at home mom of Emma 10, Eileen 8 and Jack 7 next week.  Bill, my husband, I and the kids took a trip to Estes Park....the Y camp ...this summer.  Bill has family from Denver.  Colorado was beautiful.  The kids are all in school.....Jacks in 1st grade so they are all full day....minus coming home for lunch.  We would love to try the dry erase boards...we have a huge one in the basement and Eileen has a small one mounted in their room.  The girls are big on reading and writing and love cool personal tables, boards etc.
Have a great day!


I literally gasped out loud when I saw those! The teacher in me LOVES the handwriting lines. Thanks for sharing!

Barbara Watkins

Oh my! I would love to win this, please put my name in the hat. And thank you for the give away.
Smiles, Barbara


Those look like they would be a really neat addition to our homeschool!

Jennifer Cone

How totally cool!! My youngest child is currently in the first grade and her teacher uses square tile dry erase boards. We would LOVE a set to practice and play with!!


These look fantastic. I have been thinking of the dry erase board idea since you posted about it. Great idea. I hate all the paper we throw away!

Lori Anne

Wow, Julia's blog is full of information for folks with great ideas! The paddle is a fantastic idea that moms & kids everywhere can find lots of good uses for. Better still, what an amazing thing for her invention to be used as a tool for the Deaf School in Africa. That alone must have made it all worthwhile.
Thanks for sharing her site & your great tips on the dry erase boards.


those are such a great idea. I know they would be very handy for homeschool practice


I wasn't sure if you meant a comment in general, or a comment on THIS post, so I thought I'd play it safe!


These are fantastic!! A must have in any home with children! They look like they travel well, which we will be doing soon!! Can't wait to have one, no matter how I get it!!! Will you be speaking at CHCC anytime soon?!


Your whatever post was wonderful! I'm so glad I found you! I've been wandering spiritually and you inspire me. Thanks!

This is awesome. Even if I don't win, I'm going to have to get some! My almost 3 year old is obsessed with "writing" and these would be perfect to teach him with and to let him practice learning his J.


I'm a terrible lazy commenter, but am easily lured by the chance to win something that just may entertain my daughter for 4.76 minutes! She loves dry erase products and these are great! :)

Angie Sellers

Ugh.. I am not sure what my chances will be in winning a set of these, but sure would love a set for homeschooling, would save on alot of paper!


Becki Higgins

Please enter me in the drawing. And I really enjoy reading your blog.


Dang girl...73 comments?!?! You!!!! Whew...and I complain with my piddly little 5-6 emails/day...most of which are spam! ;)
Cute dry erase boards...MUCH cuter than the locker board I bought for Tory. I'm game for anything to make homework more fun...uggh...hated it when it was mine, and still don't enjoy it when it's poor Tory's! THANK GOODNESS she is proving to be a smarter kid than her mommy! Praise God he threw in extra grey cell genes for this wee one! The Lord knew I would have little to none left after the first 4 boys! Have a great day! Love ya!

Laura of Harvest Lane

These look fun!



count me in!


we just started our 2nd year of homeschooling this past Monday.. what a great and fun addition this would be for word quizzes! (and just some fun in the car on trips!) thanks for sharing!


Oh sweet mercy....I love these!!! I would love to have them to use with my 2nd grade Sunday School class!! Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please...PICK ME!!! :)


Kara Powers

I'd love a chance to win those! Thanks so much!


How very useful! And cute too! Please enter me, I'd love to win these!


I love dry eraser boards, we have one by the front door. It is great for righting little notes to each other or just writing anything you don't want to forget to take with you.

Helen at A Work of Heart

Hey Joanne,

I will leave a comment although I never ever win giveaways...what a great resource...I will check out the website...during a 5th Sunday where the children stay in the service with their parents...we kept Caleb occupied by using this alphabet book that uses a dry erase pen...he loved it...the paddle looks really fun and portable as well.

Blessings to you,



Oh wow! My husband is teaching his first year and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! What a fantastic idea!! Thank you for this chance to surprise him :)


I love the idea of dry erase boards. I am excited to try them to have my oldest daughter practice her cursive and my youngest daughter practice her printing. Also great for doing those math homework problems. What a great idea!

Diane Broekhuis

Wow!! Wish I had thought of that idea. Put my name in for the give away.


Looks neat...I'd love to win!

God bless-


Darn! I always close out before entering those cryptic letters and numbers. For the third time... :)

Those look so fun! Leave it to a mom to put an eraser on the end of those pends. Moms are so clever. Feel free to draw my name - Emma and Addie would eat these up!


Count me in- my kids would love these!


Am currently working with some elderly people who have hearing difficulties but are able to read fairly easily. These would work wonderfully for those fragile hands that don't grip as well anymore given decreased strength. If God intends for me to have them........... so I thank you for willingly being the instrument He is lovingly working through.
PS I enjoy your teachings and thank you for them.

Melissa M.

Wow, those are the coolest things ever! My girls would have a blast using those!


These would be perfect for when I'm driving around the girls that I mentor and we need to practice a little math or spell what we're seeing!


love these! going to check out the ideas now...


These look great. I love having erasers on the pen, with 3 and 5 year
olds it makes a big difference. I've managed to find just a few wdry
erase workbooks for young children, they are great. My kids really do
do them again and again. David at 2 started just scribbling over them
and talking about the pictures but is now trying to follow the dotted
lines. I think they are great for math's practice too.

Hoping to win ; )



I am so excited to hear your comments- A little info on dry erase for all of you- Clean your boards with a simple solution of soap and water. If you write on dry erase with the wrong marker- just draw over the wrong ink with a dry erase marker, let it dry a few seconds so it breaks down the ink and then erase with our KleenSlate eraser! Also I recently discovered that if you get dry erase on your clothes- use Murphy Oil Soap. Dab some on the material, scrub a little with an old tooth brush, then throw in the wash. It is pretty effective, but will depend on the material.Good luck on the drawing and can't wait to see who wins! PS I send out a bi-monthly newsletter so please come to my web site and sign up. Have fun!


Those are a great idea. My two nieces (PreK and 2nd grade) would love those. I appreciate your blog. It is a source of encouragement.

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