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I would totally put in smack dab in the center of that gorgeous picture window. Okay, so on second look, that might crowd your armchair . . . so maybe not smack dab center, but definitely in the window somehow.


Do you know how much this post makes my day? I LOVE looking at other people's (is that right?) houses! I think it's fascinating to see how other people live and what their "space" is like. Thanks for the pictures.

First, your floors are gorgeous. Second, when you're finished with it, I would like the chair print above your mantle. LOVE IT! Third, I love the brown couches. Makes accessorizing fun.

Now for the tree - not knowing the walking space between the jelly cupboard and the end of that smaller couch, here's an idea. Could you relocate the jelly cupboard to another room completely, move the comfy chair to the jelly cupboard wall angled into the room, and use the corner by the fireplace for the tree? If not, I agree with megan's comment above to put it to the side of the window as to not crowd your comfy chair.

Loving this post, still!! Be sure and post pictures once you get the tree up!


I don't have any brilliant ideas, but it was fun seeing your house! I look forward to seeing where you put the tree.

Marla Taviano

I have no clue.
Love, love, love it.


I love your house....I want new furniture so bad but still have a little one below the age of 5...maybe when she's your girls age.

I love the A pillow. Did you make it?


I love your house....I want new furniture so bad but still have a little one below the age of 5...maybe when she's your girls age.

I love the A pillow. Did you make it?


Tree in front of the window... it's important that it be seen. Move the jelly cupboard to another room for a couple of weeks. Just a suggestions... the room looks great. I love the update!


This post has inspired me to neaten up my room (and perhaps re-arrange some stuff?) after my exams! I like your table in the corner. Pretty (:


Oh's all about the window for your tree!!! (even if you do get a little crowded, just think...clean pine-fresh scent!) :) And you can see all those lovely ornaments up close for a while in your quiet time. How cool is that? Oh...and now here I go to throw out another room accent wall....maybe fireplace side with that awesome red color from a throw pillow to break up the browns? Wait til you see our dining red, well, not totally red, more a richer, deeper red. I always love paint...master makeover under $30 (including equipment!) Just throwing out more you don't ever have enough yourself! (hee hee!)
Sure miss ya girl...good to see the homefront again...and SUPER BIG hugs to dad...YAHOOOOOOOO BIRTHDAY BOY!


With that big coffee table, do you really use the round table with the lamp on it? You could put the tree there for the season. Then, you could see it in the morning while you sit in your quiet time chair...

miss chris

My vote is move to jelly cupboard to the right and have the tree in front of the window-ish. Definitely. And Kudos to you for getting it all done. Everything looks wonderful! :) (Do post your be-decked Living Room as well, please... )


I would put it in front of or near your window. May be you could move your chair just a little! Plus sitting in your quiet time chair looking at the tree would be nice! Thanks for sharing!!!


That's a beautiful room! I'd put the tree smack in front of the window.

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Oh my goodness...ya'll came through on the ideas! Can't wait to play around with the arrangement after Thanksgiving. I'll be sure to post pictures!

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

Yay!! I am glad it is a blessing to you. That makes me so happy!!

And you know what? It's the first time I have truly felt heppy and smiled in about 8 hours. We have had a ringer of an afternoon with financial stuff. Please keep praying for wisdom for the Smiths!

How about putting the tree in the room off the kitchen/ breakfast area? Is it tall enough? If not, I'd definitely put it in the corner to the left of the fireplace for the season--that looks like a cozy place for it.

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

Of course I meant happy and not heppy. :)


What an amazingly beautiful, totally inviting, comfortable looking room ! I love it.

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