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Sarah Miller

I'm so glad you's early and nobody else is up to share what I just learned! I got up this morning, SO EXCITED to spend time with Him and study Abraham. Here's the two points that spoke to me through Beth Moore's teaching:
1. Our test has OUR name on it! (Yikes!)
2. Our hardest tests involve our dearest loves. (BIGGER Yikes!)

But with that "yikes" comes a "glory to God!" Beause He uses those tests for good. "The hardest tests have the furthest reaching ramifications." was Beth's last point. So true. So hard. Yet so refining. She also said, "When God is up to something hard, He is up to something BIG."
I'm believing God.
And through my weeping eyes/heart I'm having faith.

Thanks for asking about what I learned this moring...I still have an hour before my girlfriend wakes up and I was dying to tell somebody!
Have a great day, Joanne! I am so blessed by you!


Thank you kindly for asking. I'd love to share with you Joanne. The Lord spoke to me this morning about how I have compartmentalized my life into numbered drawers that I open and close at will. He wants all areas - all drawers. His Spirit wants to reign supreme in all areas of my life. He does not consider any area off topic or out of reach. All means all. Complete, total, fully, to the end, everything. I'm a visual learner, so He was so good to allow me to see this picture of my heart.
I was blessed by a verse in Proverbs this morning that the teens and I read about having lips of knowledge. Do I ever want that?! Yes! Lord, bestow on me lips of knowledge.
I pray that the Lord will give to you even in your sleep Joanne. Wonder if He is waking you to share something with you? I know He wakes me sometimes during the night to tell me something I've been to busy to hear during the day. Thank you kindly for your encouragement.

Kim @ My Journey

Just thought I'd pass this along... My son was having a difficult time sleeping. The pediatrician suggested Melatonin (found with the vitamins). It has worked so well. It's usually recommended for folks with jet lag or medical students, etc. It's non-habit forming & helps ensure a good night's sleep!

Have a great day!!!

Holly B.

Today in my quiet time I was reminded of the fact that God will never fail me even in suffering: " your lives to the God who created you, for he will never fail you." (I Peter 4:19).Praying that you will sleep soundly this weekend, Joanne! Have fun!

Carolina Mama

Am I leaving a lasting legacy today?!

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