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Kim Feth

I have to admit that I can't send my almost 8 y/o into his room to clean - because it's an adult sized mess that neighbor kids helped to make. But when I walk in, I get overwhelmed by the mess. We've lost site of the path! Earlier tonight I had just decided that I would start with his books. Thanks for that suggestion. I'll see what I can do with that practical start.
Enjoy those adult reads for your class!!


i don't have that many anymore... so mine are mainly just into categories of status... waiting to be read, favorites being kept, and read but waiting for a new home.... then roughly by height. kiddo, well, hers are lucky to be sorted between regular books and coloring books most of the time.


Hmmmm....when I got the new bookshelves, I did have them sorted...fiction, non-fiction, bible studies, bibles, biblical fiction and biblical non-fiction, decorating, cooking, etc. I think I will continue with that basic organization when I get down there to work on it. Soon I hope. I also want to purge. I also read my own books with a marker, highlighter and notecards near by. Often my journal, too. Now that Shawn is majoring in education and is (he says 100%) pretty certain he wants to teach elementary age children, I've been keeping the kids books and packing them away. And I could not-so-smugly remind the spouse that I was RIGHT in keeping their favorites when growing up. Their true favorites (Sarah, Plain & Tall; Goodnight Moon, etc.) will stay with us to be read to the grands someday. The rest, will go to start Shawn's classroom library.

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

Ooo! Very nice!

Praying for you, my friend. Asking God's richest blessings over you and your family in the new year. YOU are a blessing to me.


i am such a sucker for books. i love those old book stores where you can look and look and easily lose track of time. although i'm still working to find time to do all the reading i want to do, i so enjoyed this post. i couldn't help but be nosey and click to enlarge the photos just to see what was in your library. way over my head, most of them. but i loved seeing "Ramona Quimby, Age 8". one of my favorites as a child. AND THEN!! i saw the Betsy-Tacy books. loved loved that one! i had no idea there were MORE! i'm just waiting for my little girl to be old enough for those and in the meantime, i'm so reading all the others. i can't wait!

so proud of you for taking on the task of organizing your massive library. good job for you!

Holly B.

Hooray for your French books! If ever you return to Paris, we simply must meet up!

Priti did good.
I love books too. But I do not have as many books here, most of them are at my Parent's place in India. I find it very hard to explain it to others why I want a new book always and cannot read the one from library. This hoilday I was hooked like mad to the Twilight series. Did you read them?
I couldn't believe myself whenI read two of the books cover to cover in one day each.
Wow..but there are some books that I can read over and over again so I keep them on the bedside table cause they help me to go to sleep.
Wishing you a geat year ahead. I am looking forward to learning different aspects of everyone's life whom I have got to know about through you.


WOW! I'm very impressed...especially with the little bit of empty shelf! I tried to catergorize mine...but I really struggle with the spiritual sections...devotional, inspirational, etc. Plus we've got those big authors...CS Lewis, etc. Do you separate those!? HA...sometimes I think I'm too organized to simplify...I need to just keep it simple, silly!


What an ambitious project right after Christmas! I am sure you felt like you accomplished something major right before the new year. The bookshelf looks great!Kudos to you!

Lisa R-P

Those shelves look good. Today I have spent a great deal of time going through magazines, cutting out pictures of things I want to make, decorating ideas, and recipes to try and putting them in my "great big book of everything". I am starting the year with an empty magazine basket and that sure does feel good.


haha! i love that you said that about the marriage/sex books. :) i always think about that when i'm moving or organizing books.


Wow! These shelves look great! I have been dragging my feet on organizing my office for weeks and this make me want to start...with my books. It will be a good new year treat. Thanks for the inspiration.


They're organised that story books, craft books, school books and my parents' books. Very simple and very effective!


I've lost this comment computer has a mind of its own.

Love that you read with a pencil in too!

You're starting too!

Just found your blog, and so glad that I did!

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