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Marla Taviano

So, so, so thrilled for you! And for anyone tempted to think you're just some "lucky dog," I know you've been through so much to get to this point. Your life hasn't been all roses, but God is so faithful. And you are a beautiful gal living a beautiful dream.

Three Cheers for Ms. Joanne!!

Cherry Tree Lane

Bullfrogs and Butterflies! They've both been born again!!!


Good luck today!


What a great post. Just reading it made me feel happy inside! I am thrilled for you! I'll add you to my friend list on Facebook to stay updated!

My prayer request - my battle with depression - finding the next steps in ministry - a need for the domestic diva in me to arise!


I am so excited that you are loving seminary...but 8:30? You've got to be kidding! I am so jealous (a godly, with a twinge of coveteousness) of people who can accomplish so much in so little time. I'm single and my earliest night was probably 11pm.

I really am quite excited for you!

ps...thanks for the encouragement.

Have a great day!


I'm happy you are enjoying Seminary!

I loved the Music Machine and my mom still has the record we used to listen to over and over. My favorite was "Have Patience, Have Patience, don't be in such a hurry...

Melissa @ Breath of Life


I'm so glad you're enjoying seminary! I have often toyed with the idea of taking some classes. Perhaps one day that will come to fruition, in the the Lord's way & in His time.

I'm glad He's giving you the desire of your heart, sweet friend.

Jennifer Medeiros


I am so happy for you and your school experience. Your post was uplifting and encouraging. I feel motivated to begin my morning. On another note.....I picked up the book Happily Ever After and it has inspired me. I have been married 11 years but there are thoughts and ideas that apply to us. Your honesty and wisdom are greatly appreciated. I will praying for you and the midterm that you will be taking.

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

I love th song "Have Patience" from The Music Maker. Do you remember it?

Thank you for praying friend. The stream is flowing both ways. You know that, I know!


Your cheerfulness has rubbed off on me... thank you. Your words were just what I needed to hear this morning. Enjoy your pjs this afternoon!


Hi Joanne...I did an American Frugal Housewife post for you!!! I've been praying for you too. I'm glad that you are blessed, like me, with an awesome husband! Happy Thursday!


Oh my goodness - I listened to those...and "Down by the Creek Bank" too. Do you remember that one!

And that's so great about school - and you've found time to post wonderful things too :-)

Wife of Rob

Exactly why your blog needed the award....what a refreshing and uplifting post! I know that Toben and the girls must be extremely proud of you. And what an example that you are setting for the girls in your study habits, bedtime habits, cheerful outlook on are a living testimony to them in your actions!


I'm so happy to hear this! I feel like I'm in a similar place. I'm finishing up my degree in women's studies this semester, and interning at a community breast health clinic that is doing some really amazing things for our community. The word "abundance" seems to fit right now, things are clicking into place, and I'm thankful to be so blessed.

Congratulations and all the best,

Tammy S.

So glad you are so happy with what you are doing right now! Hope the test went well...enjoy relaxing in those jammies:)

Holly B.

Overjoyed for you, Joanne! I too love Bullfrogs and Butterflies!


oh my word! were we raised by the same mom???? i now sing both those songs to my kids as well! do you remember music machine? it was another program like bullfrogs and butterflies. have patience, have patience, don't be in such a hurry, when you get impatient, you only start to worry, remember, remember, that God is patient too, so, think of all the times when others have to wait for YOU! ;) so many great memories!!!


I, too, love those "kid" musicals. I was fortunate as a kid to sit on stage with Dottie Rambo singing some of the songs once. It was amazing then and I still enjoy listening now. I want to echo my fav is also "Have Patience...", what a tremendous message to instill in our little ones. Thank you for your post and I pray that today is as great as the day you wrote this blog. :)

Justin Jorgensen

my mom also used to wake me up with that song from bullfrogs and butterflies. i still have the cassette tape from when i was in preschool because my mom was my preschool teacher. i'm 28 now.

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