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  • Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne and I’ve been blogging for many years under the name The Simple Wife (you can see all of my old posts under the archives or by clicking on any of the categories that interest you). I love receiving comments from you and try to respond to each one personally. I hope you’ll visit often!

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Jennifer Williams

Wow! Loved your good morning greeting. I just discovered your blog yesterday, and am really enjoying it. I appreciate your message on quiet time, especially about it being the foundation of our day. Amen!


You are so brave... and you look great! I would look like a freckled ghost on camera with no makeup. :)

Thanks so much for your encouraging words this morning. I so appreciate them. I know you're busy with school and things, but Sandy and I really do want to have coffee/tea/cocoa (pick your fav) sometime soon! Thursday and Friday mornings work best for me, but I'll try to fit in to you and Sandy's schedule. Just let me know what works for you, and I'll make it happen. :)

The NON-Superwoman

Great idea with the video. Nice to put a voice/mannerisms to the face! Happy Saturday to you too.


you are ADORABLE! i love that accent and your sweet spirit. i know you said you weren't fixed up, but you sure have a special glow. (psst, i think it's jesus!)

thanks for the fun message!

Dawn W

Thank you... I'm still smiling about your video greeting.

How nice it was to put a voice to your (written) words and expressions to the photos I've seen of your face!

Sounds like you have a nice, relaxing family weekend planned. We, on the other hand, have 9 ninth grade boys staying in our home over the weekend. It is Disciple Now for our youth and "our boys" are doing a service project (yardwork and repairing windows) and the home of an unchurched woman in our community. Not exactly relaxing but still a weekend that keeps me smiling as I watch these man-boys serving someone else with the love of Jesus!!!



It was so nice to see you face to face. I don't know if I'd be brave enough to do that...

I haven't bought the book yet, but I will. It looks sounds really good. I meant to comment the other day when you were asking about reviewing it. I would love to if you are still looking for people.

Have a Great Weekend!

Mary @ Simple Things

How great to have a voice to go with your always encouraging words! The internet is just the most wonderful thing.

PS:I'm still giggling over your "spackle" comment.

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

So good to see you face to face friend--it's been months, hasn't it? YAY! I get to see you next week!

Will you talk more about the wholistic approach on your blog? I think that is an interesting topic that sounds perfect for the road I am on.



Your morning greeting made me smile! And yes you made a lot of sense!!

Kim Feth

Awesome job w/ the video greeting. I wouldn't have guessed you didn't have on makeup. If I go without makeup folks ask me if I have the flu! Congrats on the book - an endeavor that certainly must have felt like birthing a child.
BTW, we are almost done w/ book 3 for Chronicles of Narnio, A Horse And His Boy. We are trying to wrap them up before my son's birthday on 2/11. He's having a Chronicles of Narnia birthday party, and folks are going to come over and watch one of the movies. Thanks for that suggestion - it's still paying off with good conversation starters and relating back to the Bible.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


Love the video!!! Such a great idea. And you have GREAT hair. Mind if I ask what you use?? And I love women without makeup!!! Good for you, I never made it. I'm the Creator's work, hand made, who can improve on that!!!


It was so wonderful to get a personal, face-to-face, good morning from you! It is funny...I consider you a dear dear friend...and yet that is the first time I've heard your voice...aside from your interviews I've downloaded...hehehe! Thanks for the I'm even more stoked to read your book! I'll be watching the mail. I also agree with all the are brave to go without makeup...and yet it truly endears you to my heart in a funny sort of way! Have a great Sabbath!

Melissa @ Breath of Life

So fun to finally hear your voice (though I've been "hearing" it in my head for a while now...and your real life accent is not what I'd expected!)

Hope you'll be doing this again soon! I'm with Holly...would love to hear more about the holistic approach.


thanks for the video, joanne. i love pretending you're my "real" friend and it was fun to see you sitting across from me. :)

Tammy S.

Your video was great. Your house seemed so nice and quiet. If I tried to do one I know my 5 year old would be climbing on my back and begging to be on the video too!

I appreciate the importance you make about having a quiet time. It is an area that I struggle with. I don't set time aside like I should to sit and listen and hear what God's word has to say to me. I am working on changing that, but it is definitely a work in progress! Hope you had a geat day in pajamas:)

Becky Jo

You're so stinkin' cute!!!! Can't wait to read da book! I just know it is gonna be great!

Have a fab weekend yourself :)

Ann Berg

Hi Joanne, your video blog made me smile inside and out. I love how God works in even the smallest details of a friendship...even if it is cyber. You see I, too, have a love of and quiet time with God...snow falling quietly outside my window early in the morning while I spend time in my favorite chair reading (and sipping coffee). I even have two girls close in age to your daughters (my oldest is 16, then 10 and 6)...and American Girl dolls rule the house!

God has such wonderful, blessed timing...since we moved to Lincoln my time with Him has been less than consistent and my heart attitude has at times, been quite crabby. I am very excited to read Misplacing God b/c He has been preparing my heart for what I need to hear...and I am looking forward to savoring each word.

Birthday Blessings to your mom!
(I have a little crinkle between my eyebrows, too...tried spackle but it looked weird...I look at it now as a special beauty wrinkle ;)


You sound so sweet! You look pleasant without makeup on, so no worries there (: And that was a nice video message. March is just next month!! You know what this means? Birthday!!

Holly B.

This was such fun--loved the video!I couldn't agree more that devotions should be the ushering in of conversation with God throughout the day. Happy Thanksgiving, Joanne!


Thank you for the good morning greeting! I loved it...even though I'm a little late viewing it. I don't think that anyone will be getting a greeting like that out of me, since I dont' wake up looking as great as this. I would have to have a live in hair and makeup artist if I'm going to shoot any morning time videos ;o)


Thank you for taking the time to chat just as you are... I don't care about makeup (at least not on you... now if we're talking about me it's another story...) You share of yourself everyday and your thoughts and your actions are appreciated and looked upon.

elaine @ peace for the journey

Hi...over here from Culture11.

Loved your video and your soothing Saturday morning. Mine didn't sound anything like that!

Glad for your presence in blog land and for the obvious gifting of your pen. May God continue to use you for his renown and glory alone.



Love the video. You did a great job - and glad to see you "face to face". Ha. I don't know if I am brave enough to try this, but will think about it. You look beautiful even without the spackle!

Lori Anne

So nice to "see" you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on quiet time. Your words are so true.
I ordered your book & it should be arriving any day. I'm excited!

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