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Holly @ Crownlaiddown

OK, I have a silly, but pitifully true answer. I am challenegd by them and immediately I close them. Poof! Problem is gone! Hee hee!

I look forward to reading what others do...other than my avoidance. :o)


I have a way to resolve the coat closet....just move the south...I have no problems with my coat closet. Now linene closet and craft closet is another story.


This is my first time commenting on your blog so "hello!" I love it and have been lurking for a few months now.

Not sure about your set-up. But, where are your linens? I don't have much space in my linen closet so I keep my medicines in my kitchen and bathroom cleaning supplies under one half of the bathroom sink cabinet. Then in my linen closet is space for linens, towels, and extra toilet paper and tissues, etc. I also have one big shoe-box (the size boots come in) full of bandages, alcohol, peroxide, etc. Works nicely.
My coat closet I just recently organized. I used the elfa system from The Container Store. All elfa stuff is on sale right now, by the way, I think until 2/9? I have a very small closet so we did half shelves w/baskets for hats/gloves and half coats, at 2 heights so the kids can hang their own. Ours are up high. We also have a cloth diaper pail and vacuum in there.
Good luck.


It's just me in this house, so my linen closet is fairly fact, I keep my slacks and shoes in that closet 'cause it's actually bigger than my bedroom closet. My only linen closet dilema is keeping Simon (my cat) from sliding the door open and curling up on my bath rugs, and if they all happen to be clean and there is no room for him to curl up, he just pulls them out until he can fit...stinker!


I have limited linen closet space too. I have started keeping sheet sets underneath everyone's mattresses! They are out of the way, stay folded and neat, and are right there when I'm ready to change linens. Work great!

As for medicines, do you have a space where you could hang a small cupboard over the toilet? That's worked for me to keep the kids medicines organized but out of reach. I also try NOT to overbuy medicines. I can tend to want to have one of everything on hand but as the kids have gotten older this has been easier to avoid and keep the closet less cluttered too!

Good luck!

Kim Feth

I have recently cleaned all of our closets over Christmas Break. That's the nice thing about working for the school system and having two weeks off! As someone who has battled weight issues recently, it was nice to pull out all of the clothes that are too big and donate them to someone else. I realized I was holding onto the fear that I would put the weight back on. Now I can't, put the weight back on because that would involve buying an entire wardrobe (all seasons). I also held up all other clothing and asked my husband, "When it did fit, did you like seeing me in this?" If the answer was, "Not really", out it went. Weird thing is, this was a closet cleaning exercise, but he ended up feeling valued and respected. A definite "two-fer".
Our house is small and our linen closet/clothes closet are the same, and our boardgames took up most of the space. So, I re-arranged the furniture around our mantle and now all of the kiddo/family board games are out by the fireplace. It's amazing how many more boardgames we're playing now that they're out in the open. Our next expenditure that we are saving for is one of those ottomans that opens up to store the boardgames so that they're still easy to get to.
Good practical advice sharing at this post and the other site's post.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC



The closet pictures are really nice. Closets are giving a new look to the total home.

Thank you



The closet pictures are really nice. Closets are giving a new look to the total home.

Thank you


The bathroom is not a good place to store medicines...the humidity makes them lose potency faster than they should.

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