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Lora @ By the Lamp Light

Love you Joanne and your honesty! For a moment there I thought I was reading Melissa at LPM! I'd love to hear more about healing in the Old Testament.

My post is up for Memory Monday.

Heather Twitchell

Good Luck on your tests this week! I'm sure you'll do great!

Happy Memory Monday!

~Heather of S-A-M


Good Luck this week! I'll be praying for you!

Katy Lin

i hope your tests go well! you sure sound prepared :)

my post is up:


Good luck... your enthusiasm is contagious!

Melissa @ Breath of Life

I haven't done as well as I'd like with this...probably because I'm trying to learn Amplified versions, which are so meaty & so long! I'm working on Psalm 27:4 this week, though.


Isn't it weird how the tests all come at the same time!? I'll be praying for all of them. Happy Monday!

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

I still have a bit of memorizing to do. Will be back this evening, friend. May I say that I am SO proud of you? Well, I am!


Blessings Joanne...You have much to do! But I believe the verse you chose is very appropriate so MAY ALL GRACE ABOUND for you as you proceed through the week of "tests"!
So that in ALL THINGS you may have ALL you need and you will in every GOOD WORK which this truly is!!! I did not have as much time to concentrate on my verse so I don't have it very well and need more work on it...but my new verse will be Romans 5:5!

Jeremiah 29:11 was last week for today.
My post will be up in a minute!

Wife of Rob (of anyone) should have a reason for missing a week! I love hearing about all of the neat things that you are learning. It's just wonderful that you are in school, and seminary, no less!

Have a great week! I'm still trucking through Psalm 37..



My post is up.

Truth be told I didn't do a good job this week either and I don't have a valid excuse like seminary! :-)


I had a crisis today and will be waiting until next week. Blessings to you this week on your tests and your memorization.


I just found your blog and love this idea. The whole concept of verse memorization has been one that I know I should do, but never seem to do it effectively!

Now I can. Thank you and many blessings to you this week and on your tests!!


Great verse! Posting was done early this morning, but forgot if there was a Mr. Linky?


Personally, I'm impressed--you can show off Scripture all you want. :)

Me likey your new header.


I saw your post on the LPM blog - I was at the last minute trying to select a verse that I NEEDED and thankfully found one. I was just wondering - what are you going to seminary for? I always think I would absolutely love that, but as a woman, what exactly could a degree get me? If I'm not a writer or profound speaker? Just very curious - and wondering what to do with my life after kids!


Thanks for responding!

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