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I am loving the embroidery on your mom's, Joann. Nicely done!


Hi Joanne - I'm going to make Advent Calendars (like the one you had on your site) for Christmas presents this year. I think they're gorgeous.

Here are my ideas:

One year I made jigsaw puzzle mats for family members that like to do puzzles. Really easy to do - I simply cut a large mat out of felt, and then I added a nice border to spruce it up, and then made a simple drawstring bag to store the rolled up mat/puzzle.

And many years ago, before the advent of digital cameras, I went through all my parents old photo albums and negatives, ordered reprints, and made a photo album from our childhood for each of my four siblings. It took a lot of time but wasn't too pricey.

I like your argyle rice sock! Very cute and practical...



beans work well too, especially if you then rub on it to give a sore muscle a warm massage.

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

I LOVE my zippy purse from you!!! Please forgive me for not getting a card in the mail. I do so love it!

For the rice bags, we use deer corn and it has a nice popcorn-y smell when it is heated. I use it when I have a headache from pressure changes outside. The material is a velvety cheetah print. It's my favorite one!

Have a great weekend, friend.
Love you!


Oh, I lurve the idea of frugal Fridays! Thanks for the info on the rice bags, too. Might make one for my grandma--her knees are always sore.


I ADORE homemade gifts. As you well know!

Great idea...the rice bags. Will have to try it.

Tammy S.

Frugal Friday sounds great to me! I love getting new ideas on how to do things without spending way too much.

I made some simple fleece blankets for my nephew and the staff at our church (my husband is the senior pastor, so they were gifts from us to them.) It was fun to pick out patterns and colors that I thought they would like.

I like to make handmade gifts when I can, but I am a procrastinator and sometimes I don't leave myself the time to get it all done. I like what you said about it not being too early to start Christmas projects. You're right. I need to start now!

Have a great weekend:)


It's pretty unfortunate that there are people who don't appreciate handmade gifts. I always tell my friends to make me a handmade birthday card/present if they want to get me something for my birthday. I treasure them.

That's a pretty pillow you've made! Happy crafting and studying, Joanne!


Oh, this is a perfect idea for my Brownie troop this coming Christmas!

We make a family present each year and, as you know, as they get older, the craft can get more involved.

Love it, THANKS!


Have you ever considered using a gardening or work glove when you make these? I was considering making one and giving it as a baby gift. To lay on baby's tummy while changinging its diaper. (especially for newborns)


I'm definitely "in" for Frugal Friday's...I LOVE this. I have not had time the last couple of weeks, but I'm going to post my first one this Friday.

Those rice socks are awesome...I have had a couple of them in the past and they are wonderful. If you are making them for a man's gift, men's dress socks make nice ones too...the really nice silky kind. The first one that I ever came in contact with was one that belonged to my friend's husband...that's where I learned the men's sock trick.

Stay's only "just" getting a little bit cold here in "Dixie".


gift to Philippines

If you are making this as a gift,its absolutely adorable. I find it good entries great post!


Jordan Hydro

Your post are so good, I suggest that you can add some videos or something like that!

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