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Lisa R-P

We have those hanging things from IKEA in both of the kids closets to and use them the same way. It works really well.

Kim Feth

Can I loosely hang this idea on a scripture? I heard someone that "sometimes putting on the full armor of God means making sure you have matching socks the night before". I've said Amen to that ever since - not that I don't have to re-learn that lesson every now and then.
I have a similar organizational system for my almost 8 y/o son. We learn the weather for the week and pick out the clothes. He really doesn't care what he wears, so long as it's appropriate for the weather and comfortable. That does make it easy.
I've gotten in the habit of ironing everything that I'll wear for the week and hanging them in order.
The fun part of the closet these days is that I'm losing weight, so I've just handed out my "they're too big" pants to another lady and I keep trying on my goal pants.
Somehow though, I still end up doing an old fashioned go-thru and organizing about two to three times per year. Maybe I need to expand on the organizational components in the closet? Any input anyone?
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


Sometimes, I pick out clothes for the next day and hang them up on a hanger on the cupboard door knob. Sometimes, I don't plan. I just take out what's comfortable and suitable for the day. But it's usually better to plan out, so I've been trying to stick to that habit. (:


Hi Joanne! I have been following your blog for awhile but this is my first comment! I met you awhile ago at Bethany MOPS- my mom lives 2 doors up from your parents! Anyway- you would not believe your timing on this post! I have been wanting to start doing this and it has been on my mind lately I even picked out cute colors for each child on My husband thought it was the craziest idea- just a weird type-a thing. We were talking about it and I happened to open my email and read this. I said, see I think God wants me to do this and he said, "okay, he must, so go ahead!" It was too funny!


All I can say is "I am SO unworthy" ;o)

I think I'm going to print this post and hang it on the bathroom mirror, and the refrigerator, and the door, and anywhere else I will see it to get me motivated to get into the "great closet organization of 2009". Maybe it would be easier if all of you just came to my house and we can just have a closet party!

Thanks for the "swift kick" Joanne....I needed it ;o)

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