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I had no idea that the Miss America pageant was on!

Hmmm...probably singing something, I'm sure.

Interestingly enough, Tara Dawn Christensen (Miss America 1997) is in my church choir with me.

Recently, we had a conference for little girls and she spoke briefly about inner beauty and had this box with her. When she opened it and brought out her crown, we all gasped. I think I wrote about it on my blog at some point. But she shared about how the crown really is worthless once you are not Miss American anymore because she is no longer allowed to wear it in public. She then told us how she now has a crown that no one can take away, one that will never need repair and one that is worth more than silver or gold. It was a pretty cool talk.

And I'm rambling...

Have a great rest of the weekend!



What would my talent be? Hmm...tough question. I have no idea! But in your case, I think you have a talent when it comes to oratorical stuff. I mean, well, I've never attended any of your speeches (because I live SO FAR AWAY!) but, by looking at all the good reviews you receive and the number of "you have inspired me" messages on your blog, I think you've got the talent! This just might help you win the pageant since you've proven yourself to be a potential awesome ambassador! Haha! Okay I'm being random.

Have to get back to my Physics assignment now.

Amy N.

don't think i have a miss america talent either, unless scrapbooking could count. :)


It would have to be dancing ! I have been dancing for about 25 years and teaching for 13. I don't play any instruments or sing Well, I do but not good )So I think my best bet would be dancing!

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

Hmmm...what a question. I like to sing and dance--but I am not excelling in either. My Father in Heaven would be proud, though!

I am creating some letters that you will like, as I get ready for doing blog designs. I'll send you the link of what I've been working on.

Cherry Tree Lane

If I could sit and craft for them....then I would be in! Otherwise, I'm with you..


I competed for Miss Washington several years ago. I sang a trampy, jazzy number. My favorite kind :) The girls I love are always runners-up. I think Georgia and Florida were robbed tonight.

Kim Feth

Is talking on the phone, coordinating a household, juggling the budget, and begging God for help a talent? If so, I think I'd be there for sure - just as soon as they cancelled the bathing suit portion ;)
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


My talent is doing a jillion things at once, it is a mom skill, but not too transferable to pageants!
Also, seeing with the eyes in the back of my head... Stretching $40 to feed four until payday (whenever that might be!)... 1001 uses for ground beef, all filed in my head!

For real talent, I took piano for five years but can barely remember anything! I can sing decently though.

Interesting thought!


If this is "Fantasy Pageantry" sign me up for giving a baton show complete with fire spewing tips, red boots and cartwheels! Ha Ha, remember I did say "fantasy!"


As a kid at camp I learned how to "trick rope" in my mouth- basically a lasso spinning in your mouth pretty crazy! I've always said that would be my talent! I bet they've never seen something like that! :)


I've got nothing. But I'd love to tapdance like Miss Iowa did. :)


I don't have a Miss America qualified talent or a Miss America qualified bathing suit body.

My talent would be organizing. How would you do that on the show though?

Just a little interesting side family was at a Monster Jam event in Hampton, Virginia, last December (2007) before we moved to Michigan and Stacey and Clinton showed up to surprise someone at the beginning. Did you see that show? It was very cool. What are the odds?


I wish that Miss America was a little more like it was when I was growing up...I don't know, call me old fashioned, but I just miss the old days. I love thinking back about those "pageant nights" on TV. My Mom and I used to plan those nights ahead of time (Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Universe) and would get our steno pads out and do the scores at home...we used to love trying to pick who it was going to be! And what was REALLY cool was that America's Junior Miss is held in our hometown, so we would always go and see it "Live"....I used to think that was "the bomb" to go in person!

ann that is a coollll story. I would have loved to have seen the crown, how gorgeous it must have been...only to be contrasted with the TRUE Beauty of the crown we will lay down one day at the feet of our KING!

I have loved watching Miss America...I always get choked up at the end when someone wins...I love to see one's hard work rewarded, whether in the pageant, the Olympics, Scripps Howard spelling bee...

I was always in sports, so the pageant thing wasn't really an option for me either. Is shooting baskets or serving a volleyball a talent? oh, the swimsuit thing was an obvious hurdle for me, too.


I used to watch all the time, too. Memories. Burt Bacharach...Wasn't it him?

I can sing in the key of me.

I can also belch really loudly after a long drag of Diet Dr. Pepper. But other than

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