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So appropriate for the beginning of a new, refreshing year. I love teaching my kids to save and value the things that they have. I look forward to more posts about this.


This book looks great - thanks for sharing.

What program do you use for your buttons and web design? I love what you do!

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

Oooo, I LIKE IT! I want to live by those principles so badly.

Thank you for sharing your treasure, Joanne!


As I have been going through things in my house, I have been reflecting on a couple of similar thoughts. Why do I have some of this stuff? Why am I keeping it? If it is not something I've used or even pulled out of the container in the last couple of years...I toss it or set it aside to give to ECHO (Ecumenical Community Helping Others). Some things (especially as I've been going through my BOOKS today (lol, Joanne) I realize that a lot of these books are one-time read and I can easily borrow them from the library if I ever want to read them again. A couple of novels I know I will read again so I'm (very selectively) keeping them. As I run across some of our children's books I either set them aside for our grands...even knowing I can always purchase another copy I like our much-read dog-eared pages...pack some things up for Shawn's classroom library...and I've even set aside a couple of books to send to some folks I know. While doing all of this, I've been cranking Newsong on my iPhone and really thinking about what God wants us to do in 2009. I'm getting lots of ideas from Him. (That and a headache from paint fumes!)

Back to it...I love hanging on your coattails going into this simplifying/reflecting/new year~

Love ya.


I have that book!! I got it at "Farmer's Museum" in Cooperstown NY one summer! They have an "old" neighborhood there! It's a neat book!

Tammy S.

Sounds like a great gift you received. I love it when you get something like that...unexpected and is exactly what you like.

I look forward to hearing about the Education of Daughters. I feel very inexperienced with raising my little girl at times. My parental examples were not the best, so I love to learn and gain wisdom on that subject whenever I can!

Hope you are having a great new year!

Just a Blink

Thank you, thank you for including such a tender and true topic. Your post is timely and I am hopeful that it will be heard around the blog-o-sphere and beyond.

Here is to Wisdom in 2009!


I,too, am intrigued by the living within our means prospect. Wholeheartedly being exactly the person God formed us to be. Fulfilling His desires for our life, in all areas.

Happy New Year.

Chester NY House Cleaning

That was a very interesting book. It was "the" book to have if you were a housewife in 1830's. Most of the essays are still relevant today. Author fell out of favor when she spoke out on slavery issues and educating daughters.

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