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Yum! Sounds good. Can't wait to try it!

Also, food for thought. (Pun totally intended!)


I learned from Mom to use butter wrapper to "oil" my pan/baking dishes. So simple.
Recyled alm. foil may sound gross, but I'd bet I save a little each time I wash and reuse,( not after being frozen).


I make stock too! Just made a bunch yesterday!

I never seem to use the whole quart of buttermilk before it goes bad so I freeze it in 1 cup batches (snack-sized ziplocs) and freeze for later use in muffins.

I cut up old t-shirts for dusting rags.

Cereal boxes are great to mail things in...and I've even made magazine holders out of them.

Small plastic and glass jars get used for spices I buy in bulk, or to store kids craft supplies (clear containers are especially great for beads, feathers, etc)

What I don't save usually goes in the recycle bin...and this spring I want to start composting my food scraps.

Sarah Miller

Oh! These remind me of my grandmother's best friend. She used to make candied orange peels and have them on the counter when we visited. YUM! I'll have to try them! Thanks for sharing!


I can't wait to try this myself...I've always wanted to know how to do this. I wonder if it would work as well with some good Indian River grapefruit? I might have to try that too. I sent this to my sister-in-law...she is a SAHM and Pastor's wife...she and the kids LOVE things like this. I'll have to get her to take some pics if they do this as a home school project one day. Thanks for sharing!!


One other economizer tip...

Our drycleaner is a small business owner and a friend of ours. He's a very hardworking man and has the friendliest drycleaning business in town. He's there EVERY day that they are open and works right along side of his employees with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. Rob and I know that Joey has to pinch pennies like we do, so we recycle all of Joey's hangers and take them back to him, which cuts down on his cost (and gets the extra hangers out of our closets). I am a huge supporter of small business owners and I love that we can watch out for guys like Joey too.

Save your hangers and take them back!

Lisa R-P

Frugality and re-using is not something that I have always been very consistent about, but something that I strive to be better about.

We recycle everything that we can and we compost. Also, just a couple more tips from me that I do consistently: 1) cut my fabric softener sheets in 1/2 (really it works just as good as a whole sheet) and then when they have been used in the dryer once I use them to dust the TV screens and computer screens. They pull the dust off without leaving any residue, 2) I usually use resuable shopping bags, but I have a stockpile of plastic bags from before I got the reusables. To get a bit more life from them before they hit the land fill, we use them as trashbags in our bedroom and bathroom trash cans and they are the perfect size, 3) we also re-use shoe boxes to keep many of the kids toys in (Polly Pockets, Matchbox cars, etc), 4) we are still using the burp cloths that we had from when the kids were born for dusting cloths.

gretchen the recipe, and love all the ideas from your readers, Joann. About the only thing I have to add is that we take as many plastic bags as we can which are small (read: english muffin sleeves, Rx bags) and use them for poo bags for the dogs. I like to double bag--sorry not eco friendly, but I hate the smell, and worry about leaks--but at least I'm not buying new.

I also lurve to quilt. An amazing recycling project when I avoid quilting stores. :)


Sorry about misspelling your name, Joanne. :)

Janna Widdifield

You know those plastic containers from Costco that hold salad mix, grapes, tomatoes, etc? I wash them and then use them to organize my kids' craft items. The plastic is pretty sturdy, the lids are often attached, and since they are clear, we can see what each container holds.


I love these ideas!

At our house, we use cereal bags again, great for storing baked goods with the help of a clothespin to seal. I also use the clear salad tubs from Sam's or Costco as drawer dividers in large dresser drawers. And use a sheet of read newspaper to line the kitchen compost pail (makes it easier to clean when we dump it outside). And I use glass jars for lots of things, food storage, crafts, sugar scrub gifts, etc. And plastic parmesan shaker bottles are great for storing cornmeal for coating crusts, baking soda for cleaning and Oxi-Clean to shake onto a soiled spot.

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