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Oh. Ouch. Conviction. Again this morning. Seriously...everything I have read this morning has been on continuing with prayer and praise, even though the blessing has not come yet. In fact, I was convicted that I had GIVEN UP. Not good. Back to prayer and praise!
Love ya.


Wow. That one was just for me. I've been struggling with praying for my niece who has brain cancer. She is being moved to hospice care this morning. I have given up. In fact, all I could pray yesterday was "Lord, help my unbelief." Thank you for this post. I'm encouraged to keep praying.


My favorite prayer quote is by John R. Rice: "Prayer is not a touring sedan in which to see all the sights of the city. Prayer is a truck which you drive to the warehouse and pick up the goods and return home." Oh, to know and experience the true power of prayer!


Such wisdom in these quotes. One of my mentors and a very godly woman use to say "Prayer is the only weapon that always hits it's target". She was talking about it with respect to world evangelism, but it is true in it's broader context as well.

Joyful Blessings,


I have followed your blog for about a year now and finally want to send a comment. We are going through a trial with our daughter having seizures and finding the right answer and medicine. I needed the reminder to remain in prayer and God will answer. He has been so faithful and will continue to be present with us during this journey.


When we pray I think we forget this isn't a smorgasbord. We pray for things instead of praying that the will of God be done and that we can accept it - that's a hard one. We are His children and he won't deny us anything we ask for. but what we ask for may not always be good for us or what we need. We get impatient and pray for things or actions to unfold as we see them, not as He sees them. We need to pray, listen and accept. It works for me --sometimes -- still working on it!.

Kim Feth

Wow, God really used you for that one. Right to my heart.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


Hi! But what happens when you do pray, and pray HARD, only to find that the answer is not what you wanted. How do you get over that? That is the place I'm in now, and it sucks.


I agree, I struggle with continueing to pray - in longsuffering prayer, when it seems things will never change. I hope, but I don't always continue in earnest, expectant prayer.


I love that prayer book! I need to pull it back out for Lent. Plus I ordered another book for Lent.

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