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I always said I would pray for people but always seemed to forget. I like you schedule for prayers during the week. It is very helpful!


Joanne-I love your idea of getting the books spiralbound and writing your requests in them! I'm going to do that with my copies, today. =) Also, praying for categories each day - awesome idea! I've ordered your new book and can't wait to dive into it. =)

lisa writes...

I give Power of a Praying Wife as bridal shower gifts!


Wow, I do the same thing! Except I have a small 3 ring binder that I keep everything prayer related organized in with lined paper, dividers and some page protecters. An organized prayer life has truly been the key for me to keeping my word and being diligent when I say I'm going to pray for someone. Plus, writing down how prayers are answered is such a testimony to the faithfullness of our Lord.


Hello, I've been a "lurker" here, am always interested in what you are saying, and just wanted to comment about something I've been wondering about the last few our family, we have switched our language (especially at the dinner table) to "praying with", instead of praying's a subtle shift. but for me, made all the difference. Praying with, feels like I'm joining in God's prayer, in the prayer of all of us...then, I felt like I could give up the outcome of what I was praying for...I don't helped me...:) Thanks for sharing your wisdom and your journey.


Joanne, you are such a blessing. I am often times overwhelmed during prayer time, then feel guilty because I forget things. You help simplify things to make it uncomplicated. I am journaling today and I ordered a few books (thanks) and I feel like I can be more faithful in prayer.
I also know that anytime I do ask you to pray (and often times when I don't even request it) that I know you do pray, faithfully.
Thanks friend!

Lora @ By the Lamp Light

Joanne, I am so tickled with your suggestion of spiral binding on the Stormie Omartian prayer books! Both books are part of my routine praying for my husband and children as well. My POAPW is falling apart and your suggestion is just the revival my tattered book needs. I write in my copies too! My oldest teen bought me a new copy of POAPP last year and I couldn't bear to part yet with the memories and dates and notes I have written inside. The testimony of seeing Him work in my family is documented inside these pages.


This has really followed my personal struggles and thoughts of late. I get annoyed with myself when I see someone and think, +:":/ I was going to pray for them and then guilty throw out a quick prayer. Sadly I must admit I frequently forget to follow it up and have tried to figure out if I can organize my prayer life and if I should. I kept wondering if that was turning my prayers into a to do list and it would demean them. Shouldn't I be able to pray just from my heart? but my memory is lousy.
I must say from someone who's lived in a loveless marriage for years, Power of a Praying Wife has done wonders for me, my marriage and through God, my husband. Very inspiring, even when it's a lesson hard to accept.

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