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Mary @ Simple Things

"Living with mental illness in our marriage isn't fun. It's something that affects every single day. It affects our finances, our communication, our conflicts, our parenting."

People who haven't been there don't understand that even when hubby is "well" it still affects your day to day world. It's always nibbling away at your thoughts.

God is the ONLY reason I'm still married today. We couldn't possibly keep it together through all the madness without Him.


You inspire me.
Not because I think your life is "perfect".
I know it's not.
I just like who you are and how you live--even when it's not perfect.

See you tomorrow. Tea cakes are in the oven, chocolate madeilines are ready, sandwich fillings are mixed, and the scones are next to be prepped.


This post hit me in a very poignant way. I grew up with a bipolar dad so I have a child's perspective of what it does to marriage and family. In my own 30 year marriage, without the burden of mental illness, we've had to make the choice to honor our commitment and to keep on loving even when it got too hard. God keeps on blessing us. Thank you for keeping it real here Joanne.

Dedra Herod

Thanks for encouraging me once again and reaffirming that although there is no diagnosed mental health issue in my marriage, I feel like depression is ever present. Only God can make a miracle out of a mess! You did it again, real, vulnerable and loyal. He should get all the glory, don't you think? Thanks for doing that again. :-)

Amy McLean

Congrats on your 100%. Keep it up. Just caught up on your blog. I usually take one day a week and grap a coffee and catch up on your and Janna's blogs. Congrats on the book, can't wait to read it. Emma looks so cute..where does the time go..
Keep on keepn school, in marriage, in parenting, and in life.

Marla Taviano

Praise the Lord!! He shines so brightly in you precisely because you can't do life on your own. NONE of us can!

You're a hero to me, sweet friend! May God bless you HUGELY today!

Love you!

Marla Taviano

Um...Love, Mommy???


Thank you for being so...real.

My husband is an alcoholic, and I have been feeling that heartache lately, and yes, it does get old. I just need to remember to get my needs met from Jesus.

Thank you!


Hi Joanne,

I have been following your blog for a while through a link on Kim Davis' blog. I love it! I was blown away when you said your husband is bipolar.....I have an adopted little boy (almost 7) who has not been diagnosed but is being treated for "symptoms of". It is hard.....shows me how to better pray for you. It's one of those things nobody can understand until they live with it. I applaud you....if I had the chance to "divorce" a child I may have been tempted at times. God it the healer. It's heartbreaking to see someone you love struggle with mental illness though. Thanks for being transparent!



I had no idea. And, I just sit here and thank God for you, for your marriage, and for His miracles. He is awesome. Life will NEVER be easy, but with God, we can and we will get through it. Don't ever let go.

Love ya girl!


I do like romance but I also think love is definitely a decision, especially after 25 years of marriage and three children. But an occasional nooner...always nice.


Melissa @ Breath of Life

What a beautiful testimony to the power of our Jesus!

ann berg

Joanne, i am just coming out of a year long depression r/t my hypoactive thyroid...i wanted to sing 'i can see clearly now the rain is gone...' today. but i also know that if i don't take my medicine, get the exercise and sleep i need and remain in Him (John 15:5) the lifted fog i am enjoying today can creep in quietly and undetected.

thank you for your authenticity...reminds me of TrueFaced...i saw Toben's name in the contributors. the book is one of the most influential books i've read recently

Cherry Tree Lane

God is soooo good. AND...I love the new header!

Holly B.

So grateful for God's redemption (in my life and in yours)! Thanks for being transparent--you are an encouragement to many!


Beautiful entry (:

That last picture is really cute. Can't imagine you in such a huge dress though. Haha!


Hi Joanne,

I have been a "lurker" of your blog for some time now. I have read "The Simple Wife" and really try to practice your ways of placing God first and being a great person, wife, and mother.

This post has really hit home. No mental illness in my marraige, but we are two real people with two sets of real emotional baggage. And you are right, no matter how hard our little hearts try, it is only with God's help that we are able to make it through life together and life in general.

Thank you! You are an inspiration!

My best, Allison~

Lisa R-P

Oh Joanne -- I am just catching up with my blog reading. thank you so much for your transparency, your authenticity, and for being you. I learn from you all the time and today is no exception. Your honesty gives us all permission to be human, to be real women who can share and learn from each other. To acknowledge our baggage and name the color of the suitcase that we carry. Thank you friend!



Wow. I just found your blog via Marla Taviano's. Totally wasn't expecting to see anything about dealing with BP & marriage in the same post. Or at all. In my marriage, I am the one who is affected with BP disorder 2. And I have recently told my husband that he deserves better. But I cannot bear the thought of being without my children & I know that God gave me my husband & kids for a reason... But it's so hard when your life is constantly permeated by emotions. Medicines help, but without the Rock that is God, well, life would be very different for me. I do feel very alone at times. I so wish that I could be normal; it seems like life would be easier, though I am sure that other things people deal with are just as hard. Thanks for showing me I am not alone.

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