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First of all, let me just say that you crack me up. I've never commented before, but have been reading your blog for about a month.

Yes, people are still watching those shows;), but I think this is the last year for ER!

I'm the opposite, whenever my husband is out of town, I NEVER watch tv, but when he is home, we can be night time junkies! But mostly we watch little house and Andy Griffith. Sometimes he'll get me hooked on a 20/20. Which drives me crazy, because those shows never have an ending, and I am always wondering about it when I am trying to go to sleep!

Oh, and I have more pimples NOW, than I ever did as a teenager! Drives me crazy!!


The TV has little lure for me because not much seems worthy of watching. I have been renting Hallmark Hall of Fame movies from the library to watch while I do the ironing.

Cindy Cruse

About 6 weeks ago our tv stop working, so we stopped watching tv for several weeks. Before this we were junkies in the evenings! Not having a tv has been wonderful and my husband told someone that he actually learned our boys' names again, lol. Anyway, we are seeing the benefits of no tv and spending more time reading, playing games or just having family time. A definite blessing! Thanks for the encouragment, you are a blessing to my life!

Bobbie Jo

I hate to admit it but for the most part from the time I get up until I go to bed my TV is on. It was that way when I was growing up but I don't just sit and watch-I am doing something: like cleaning, cooking,reading, e-mailing, etc. It has always been background noise for me. Don't get me wrong I do watch it and DVR lots. And yes to the post above this is ER's last season. I usually do very well with TV trivia?! :)


We record and watch "The Closer", and that's about it. By recording it, we can watch a one-hour episode in ~40 minutes by skipping all the commercials!

In the evenings my hubby and I watch some of the shows on Fox News (we like Glenn Beck), but like you, I have never watched Lost, American Idol, The Office, Dancing with the Stars, etc... And we don't watch The Tonight Show, Letterman, etc. Sometimes when I listen to people talk about the shows they have watched I do the mental math and estimate they are watching 2-3 hours every night. I know I don't have that kind of time....

We do get movies from the Library or through Pay-per-View, but not often.


Marla Taviano

I'm with you--no TV. Well, no TV shows for me anyway. Nina watches Nick Jr. in the mornings. And my girls are home sick today, and I loaded up on Brady Bunch and Full House DVDs at the library yesterday. :)


You are not alone. I don't turn on the television at all during the day while the kids are gone to school.

I have never seen any of the popular shows that everyone talks about and feels like we all want them to blog about -- American Idol, Dancing, 24, Lost, House, any of those. :)

Television is a HUGE timewaster for me.

But when it finally does come home I am either watching:
a. a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond or Seinfeld -- I can't help myself!
b. FOX News
c. Food Network
d. Trading Spouses reruns on CMT
e. Sometimes catch Beth on Wednesdays on Life Today, but usually watch that online while I'm working.
f. Discovery Channel or History Channel

I know...BOR-ING!



My husband is the TV addict in our house (my kids are grown). He watches morning news in the family room when I'm enjoying my quiet time in the living room (this is early morning...5 AM). We work all day but come home for lunch...and he turns on CNN (I like to read during lunch). In the evenings we always have the TV on. News first, and then some prime time TV--we like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, House, Grey's Anatomy, The Closer. We have premium cable channels and will sometimes watch a movie on weekend evenings or maybe in the day time on the weekends. When we were raising our kids we were pretty strict about TV watching but now that we are on our own ~smile~ we're kinda out of control with the TV! When I am home alone I rarely turn anything on...I really enjoy quiet. My husband can't understand that...he likes background noise.

Mary @ Simple Things

Hello. My name is Mary and I'm addicted to tv. It's bad. I know I could get more done if the tv didn't exist or if I had the willpower to turn it off, or not turn it on, but the tv has been my friend for so long and breaking up is hard to do.


I don't watch any of those shows either. My kids have just started watching the beginning of American Idol this season. I saw a preview of The Bachelor the other day and there was this huge making out scene, and that's why I don't watch that. Well, that, and I don't really think that a guy going around making out with three girls passionately on the same night really is what God had planned for picking a wife.

One of my tvs is usually on for noise if I'm in the room, and it's usually on HGTV. Sometimes I'll watch old Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie re-runs. If I'm going to be doing something in the room for a while, I'll pop in a DVD, usually my Matlock or Murder, She Wrote. I have watched those as many times as I saw Brady Bunch growing up.


For the last few years, I have taken a TV break from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I am trying to convince my hubby to do it as a family this year. So far, no buy in, but I still have a few months to work on him. :)
Happy Friday Joanne!

Lora @ By the Lamp Light

We haven't had a TV for four plus years now! We spend more time talking, playing games and I say I'm sorry more than ever because we are communicating more.


Not much TV for our household, either. I watch about 1 hour per month and the kids might watch a little kid video on the weekends and my husband watches sports occasionally, but we don't have cable so that really limits it for us. I do see morning shows and such at the gym, but I'm not there for the TV watching. I think this is a huge time-saver (though I wish I could say the same for the computer). I think it is also great for our kids to focus on playing, reading and learning instead of checking out in front of the TV on a daily basis.

Ashley P

I watch way more TV than I "want" to... see my post about this very topic!!

Melissa @ Breath of Life

We have 2 tvs, but one only plays DVDs/VHS my daughter's playroom. Our LR TV is hooked up to cable, though. My husband is a sports nut. I watch football in the fall, but not much else. Many nights, we have it on one of the cable music channels while we read & do homework. CJ likes some of the Disney shows (we eat in front of the TV when hubby's not home), and we occasionally watch Food Network, LHOP, or Cosby. The only current show we watch is American Idol.

I found that once I stopped watching so much tv, I had a TON of time!


I long for quiet sometimes and wish we spent less time with the tv. But my husbands loves tv, so I watch it in order to spend time with him....we have several favorite shows that we dvr and watch together: Bones, House, Monk, Psych. If I'm watching tv alone, I mostly watch things like food tv or hgtv where I am at least learning things I can use in my own life. I also love to put the tv on the christian music channel while I clean house and get ready for church, etc.


I probably watch more TV than I should! And I will admit hopping on the American Idol bandwagon 3 year ago...I started watching the goofy preliminary shows and got hooked! I justify it because it's temporary..?!

I have to say though...I don't HAVE to watch certain shows ALL the time. I do enjoy Intervention, John and Kate Plus 8 MANY Food Network shows. What Not to Wear catches my eye now and then...and I learn a LOT from it, too! CBN is right now as I type... Oh...I take back the shows I HAVE to watch...I do like to start the day with Joyce Meyer...nothing like a good butt-kicking in the name of Jesus to get one's blood going!

Cute girls by the way....I've got both boys, we dont DO hair around here!


We've been tv-free since before we married over ten years ago. I don't miss it. In fact, it drives us a bit nuts when we go out and there are tvs playing all over in the shops & restaurants.
We have a computer monitor we set up to watch dvds on as needed. We have a collection of movies we enjoy, a lot of BBC and other classic stories. And of course, the boys' favorite: Cars.


Ooooh, such a hot topic in our house. I threaten at least once a week to do violence to our TV. It is an altar, whose blue light we worship too often.
I love tv, I'm the worst addict in our house, but when it collides with dinner time and kids start to 'lose it' that's when I promise myself to be more proactive about managing it.
I have removed it several times, but it is nice to have it when you get a minute and want to veg. I think all the specialist who say 'dump it ' are right. I just can't get everyone on board when I go radical and put it in the closet.
I do unplug it regularly, and my kids know that's when 'you don't mess with Mom'.
My husband is on board, but really likes the peace/quiet that comes when kids are mesmerized by it. I don't blame him, they are loud and he's tired when he comes home. He's extremely proactive with them as well, when he's rested. I don't blame him and try to strike a happy medium. More reason for me to go to bed on time and be rested too.
p.s. I love movies. And we still use vhs. I've recently subscribed to netflix and ordered recently John Adams from HBO.
But even watching good stuff is spending time away from family. long comment. Thanks for the thought provoking blog.

Stephanie it goes....ugh I don't want to say it....we have 6 tv's in our house. Yes you heard right....6.

We're addicted...each time I try and give up a show another pops up.

I love NCIS, Young & REstless, Big Bang Theory, Numbers, and a lot of other shows that aren't really good for me to be watching.

Hmmmm....something to think about...thanks Joanne!


We have a few shows that we enjoy, but since we don't have cable we have to either wait for them to come out on DVD or watching them through our computers or iTunes. Typically the TV is not on during the day at all unless we are all watching a movie or something with our girls - Friday night is pizza and a movie night (and lately Thursday nights has been a bonus movie night - my husband has been doing some music recording in the house and a special girl popcorn/movie time has been beneficial in keeping background noises of the recording). :) After our girls go to bed, we might turn it on and watch something, but that's not an all evening/every evening situation.


I rarely watch TV and would love to convince my husband that saving $60 a month for satellite should be an incentive to get rid of it completely.

We do watch DVDs for movie nights (Fridays!) and the one show my husband and I have started watching for the very first time is American Idol. If I do treat myself to something it's DVRd episodes of House Hunters or Law and Order SVU. But they usually accumulate and we have a marathon night when the girls are asleep.

The girls will occasionally get to watch if they are home sick or on Saturdays. During the weekdays the TV is never on until the girls are in bed and my hubby is watching.

Kim Feth

When our son was 3 (he's 8 now)I realized that I don't like who he is all day long when he watches TV first thing in the morning - so our journey started. Now, the TV doesn't come on at all during the week while he's awake. I was talking w/ another Mom who was awestruck that our son has never seen an evening news show. He's go so much testosterone racing through his body that we have pretty high standards for what he's exposed to. We did just realize that he's never seen The Carol Burnette Show or McGyver. Now that's good TV. We may download those for him.
We DVR pretty much anything we want to watch. We do have a few favorite. But on DVR it does only take about 40 minutes to watch a 1 hour show. And you can watch Dancing with the Stars elimination show in about 8 minutes! I have been convicted previously about the amount of time I worship at the TV alter as opposed to on my knees in prayer or Bible study. That's my barometer.
Like another person, we typically take a hiatus during the summer. The exception was this summer when our entire family enjoyed Fineas and Ferb - the cartoon.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


Uggh! Days of our Lives! I know, I know. It's my guilty pleasure. I can't help myself!


Oh, honey...TV is like manna from heaven. ;)

The more the better. I hate things like laundry and housework which impede a good 24 hour session of television watching.

Seriously, I do enjoy me some programming, but it's been tons less since having kids. As a 2nd grade latch key kid, I was raised on all the soaps, and I remember the glory days of Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Welcome Back Kotter, M*A*S*H, Little House, Love Boat, Fantasy Island, and of course, The Waltons.

Tammy S.

There are a few that I like. On HGTV it is Uncommon Threads and Knitty Gritty. I don't knit, at least not yet, but I love to watch and think about what I would make if I did! Another show I really like is Amazing Race. I think it is because I have never really traveled that much, at least outside of the U.S., so I love to see the different parts of the world they get to go to.

I love music, so more often than not, we have some sort of music playing in the background as we go about our day:)


For the last 3 months all we have watched on tv is "The Waltons" on dvd. My girls love them. We do not miss tv shows what so ever.


Joanne - this inspired me to comment, which I almost never do on blogs.

As believers, we want to be relevant to the culture so we can have conversations with our unbelieving friends in language they understand. Many often translate this to being aware of movies, TV shows, famous actor/actresses, etc... But, the truth is, when in conversation with people who watch TV, once it comes out that you don't watch, they start apologizing to you for their "bad habit." They know it's a waste of time, energy, brain power, and it creates feelings in them that are probably not healthy. They see the pettiness of it. Jesus calls us to be in the world and help create culture. To me, turning the tube off is right at the top of that list. It's counter culture - it's people first (family and others), it's woman busy at home (like it says in Titus), and it's keeping junk out of minds (like it says in Philippians).

Lest I sound preachy and judgemental - everyone has their own priority list, their own way to relax, and their own way of spending time with people and family. Block Survivor parties are totally a way to involve yourself in other peoples lives! And, we love family movie night! And, if this topic was about computers - well, I should be going to bed, yet here I sit...

Frankly, with 4 children, a husband, and life all around me, I simply don't have the luxury of sitting on the couch for lenthy periods of time - and you know what? I'm totally o.k. with that.

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