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Bobbi guys are quite the authors. I must have been living under a rock. I watched your cute interview about the one you co authored..."Happily Ever After." Awww!




I just went over to amazon and read about the book. Wow two authors in one family!
Count me in for the giveaway.


I'd love to have a copy!!!


Voracious reader and potential fan here!

aubrey ash

I want one!! :)


Sounds like a great read! I would love to entered to win!

Kim Feth

Oh! Oh! Pick me, pick me!


I just happened across your blog via Becky at Holiday in the Sun. I would love to entered into your giveaway it sounds like a wonderful book.


I'm in! :)

Mary @ Simple Things

Throwing my name in the hat!


Only if it is autographed and personalized?!

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

My Chris and I would LOVE to read it!


Sounds interesting!


i love the cover and would pick up the book based on that alone!

Dedra Herod

I would love to win... but I never do! :-) I would love to add it to my Heim library!

Jen Schrock

Pick me! Love, jeans jen

Lori Anne

Sounds like a great book & I'd like to read it and definitely pass it on to another who will benefit.


First time checking out your amazon store - I had no idea you had written so many books. :) I'll have to check the library!

Beth Whitney

I don't know if I would be allowed to have that book in my house. There is this huge joke between me and my hubby about Ryan Dobson. He was a huge flirt when we were at college, and my hubby always comments how Dr. Dobson, "coulda been your father-in-law"!

But I still would love to win! ;)

Carrie @ Blessed Chaos

I would love to read it!


How cool! I guess I've been living under a rock...I had no idea Toben is a writer too. Wow!

I must have a copy but I'll wait and see if I win one first! :)


I'd love a copy!!

Thank you for your generosity!! :o)

Lisa P in California

I need another book to read and that sounds interesting. Thanks for the opportunity!


I'm always up for reading a new book!


Hey Joanne, I would love to win this book as it is still hard to get your books over here :( We have a great take and read library at church which i would love to donate it to after I am done. I promise it will be well read. Bless, Mel


I would love to win this for a friend!

Lora @ By the Lamp Light

Thank you kindly for the giveaway Joanne! I praise the Lord that He has allowed our paths to cross. Written with Ryan Dobson - how awesome!

Dawn W

Pick me!!!

Seriously, great give away - thanks for the chance to win a copy of Toben's book!

Rachel Reeves

I would lovellovelove to get this and peal through it! Thanks for the giveaway!


I would love to win! Sounds like a great book for the hubby to read!


Hi, I love books and would like to read this one. It is always good to be reminded of the beauty God can bring out of ashes.


i'd love a copy too. thanks for the chance.


What a blessing this book is! I am at a time in my life when I could use the wisdom from this book. Please enter my name in your drawing. Many thanks.....Cindi


Awesome! I was telling my husband about this book recently and we were going to buy it, but I'll just wait till after the drawing ;)


Put me in too please. I am making Tobin's chix tomorrow night. :)


hey, we'd love to own this book! count us in!!


Joanne-The book sounds good! Thanks for sharing yourself and your life, your creative ideas and for having give-a-ways!

PS. I made two copies of your A-Z cards and had them bound. I gave one to a friend for her b-day and kept one for myself. My friend loves it! Missi


Joanne-The book sounds great! Thanks for having these fun give-a-ways!

I made the A-Z cards for a friend and myself and had them bound. I gave the cards to my friend as part of her b-day gift. She loved it. Thanks for inspiring me in so many ways. :-)Missi


Sorry about the dual entry. The first one didn't show up, so I thought it didn't take. Missi


Thanks so much! It sounds like a great and thought- provoking book!


Looks like a great read! =)


Wow...he's quite a hit!
I remember this was just finished when I last saw you. How was the promo tour?



I hope You accept entries from overseas. I'm writing this from Finland. The book sounds good for anybody by the Amazon-description. I'm sure whosoever of us will get it, they will be blessed as well as their families. Thank You for Your upliftng blog!


Joy Gross

Oh yes.. I would like that book :)


Pick me! Pick me!


Count me in!


Wow look at the comments! Way to go!

Nancy Cheek

I would really love to win this.

Nancy in North Carolina

Ashley P

I just read the blurb on this book - and I have to say that it sounds like it would be a great book for my husband!

Marla Taviano

Okay, I'm feeling a little guilty for entering since you're always giving me stuff. But I can't resist. :)


A family of authors-I love it!

Scott Hudson

I haven't read it, so please pick me to win!

Tammy S.

Thanks for the giveaway! This book sounds great.

Jennifer Cone

Perfect timing.... I just finished my pile of books and was in search of something new to read. It would be a blessing to read this book - and with GS cookie time here (how many booths are you doing??) a great "escape" is always welcome LOL! Thanks for the generosity!


I enjoyed reading some excerpts awhile back and would love to read the whole thing.


***ON A DIFFERENT NOTE--"heart hair"---What is this? Pictures? Doubt the boys would go for it ;) but I could use some fun myself.


Yes, I would love to read Toben's recent book! Have fun with your girls over winter break.


I want my life wrecked for good. ;)

Mona H

Gotta have it!!! Pick me!!!

Jen B.

Count me in! I'd love to read his book. You guys are quite the publishing duo. :)

Angela Meek

Ooh...I love a giveaway!

Christine Weddle

Thanks so much to Toben and Ryan for their courage and vulnerability in sharing their lives with us. Am looking forward the read!


I'm in!


The book looks great! The cover description looks so relevant for today. Count me in on the giveaway.


Thank you!


I am fairly new to your blog and am loving it! I would love to win the book.

Yvonne Hatcher

Great giveaway! I would love to read the book.

Meghan Kuyper

Count me in for the drawing!


just recently found your blog and have found some great ideas.... thank you


LOVE your blog! So encouraging! Thank you for the book giveaway.


I hope I'm not joining in too late!

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