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  • Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne and I’ve been blogging for many years under the name The Simple Wife (you can see all of my old posts under the archives or by clicking on any of the categories that interest you). I love receiving comments from you and try to respond to each one personally. I hope you’ll visit often!

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Sarah Miller

God has blessed me today by showing me that through the Holy Spirit I can love someone I thought I couldn't. He is so good! I am humbled and grateful.


God has blessed me today with provision. I enjoyed lovely leftover spaghetti, bread, and brownies for my lunch. I'm also able to be home with my son, who goes to an alternative school and only has 4 hours away a week. I know we'd get thru it, but I'd feel so torn if I had to be away.

Amy Barrett

God has been good to be today by easing up a couple of financial burdens that have really been a struggle. God is good!!!!!


God is so good...He opened up the door for me to stay home about a year ago. It has it's ups and downs but I love it and am grateful for my hard working husband who loves me unconditionally!


God has provided a quiet time in the shadow of the 3 yr old, changed attitudes in our house (WHOA!!!), provided time to prep for Bible study leading tonight, given me a challenging child who chose not to challenge me on homework tonight and allowed me to have a plan for dinner in a desert of culinary inspiration these past few months....Rock on God!!!!!! Talk about a good day!


God has blessed me with your great blog site to make me smile even while we're on day four of my husband being very sick in bed and having six little boys to babysit (three of them ours) and try to keep quiet (ages 1-6) :) Thank you for always so upbeat and encouraging even when life isn't always "just perfect"!


My 2 1/2 year old is napping! Which has given me some free time to wrap up some of our adoption paper work! Yahoo! and on a more serious note I have seen Him do some amazing things in my mothers life this week!


Hi back at ya.

Let's see. He has been so dern good to me today! I have been in such a huge funk the last six months or so and, Praise Him, He has let me wallow in it until I just couldn't take it anymore and when I looked outta that pit, there He was. Waiting. Patiently. Loving. Arm extended for me to grab His hand. And I did. He is totally using the Esther study to Get.To.Me. I am loving it. Today is the first day I can actually see some Light again. Joy. Peace. Comfort.


Chuck Friedenstein(Dad)

I'm blessed today by reading the first 2 chapters of a great book, "Misplacing God". Yea Joanne - I really relate to chapter 1 & 2. I also applied power to the control panel of my train layout this afternoon & it did'nt smoke! Better yet, I moved some switches, and things moved!

aubrey ash

God has been good to me today by giving me a job I love and a husband who is the most giving person I know. He loves to get up early with us and help my daughter and I get ready for the day!

Mary @ Simple Things

God has blessed us with a job interview for hubby tomorrow! He was layed off 3 weeks ago and this job could be much better than the last!


God blessed me by holding off the rain (even though I love rain) so my two little sick girls could play on the playground to their hearts content. (They had running noses and coughs and needed the fresh air badly!)

Kristina Wilson

Joanne..I just love your blog, my dear. I have not ever left a comment (I think) but I do so love your blog and everything you stand for. Today I am blessed by the Lord for just plain having a good day! I remembered the right way to respond to the girls and I stayed patient...all day! They are 18 months and 5 years. Thanks for being a light of hope in our lives!!!

Dedra Herod

God has blessed me today by reminding me that I have three great (not perfect) kids who love to serve anywhere or anyhow, a husband who is busy searching for a place to celebrate our anniversary in (economically...cause it freaks me out..)and a wonderful team to work with. I have the best local and bloggy friends and I am healthy and able to work on getting more so. AND... you just make me laugh!


God has blessed me today with the reminder that He gave me the exact husband He intended for me to have.

Cherry Tree Lane

God has blessed me with a husband that works multiple jobs so I can stay at home with our daughter. Thank you Lord!

Carrie @ Blessed Chaos

I have discovered that the blogging world is the perfect way to procrastinate and I find myself submersed in it way too often when I should be doing other things...
- like marking papers (which I finished the latest batch yesterday yay!!)
- or cleaning my house (which I did today, I think I did three days of cleaning in one day...whew I'm tired)

So today I feel blessed that the only thing I have to do tomorrow is play with my kids! That's it, I am not going to do anything else. Well at least until they go to sleep, then I will be back to see what you and others are busy blogging about!!!

Sometimes several days can go by where the only other person I talk to (besides the kids) is my husband. It can get lonely and so I am blessed by the blogging world. I have laughed alot and even cried many tears, but I have also learned so much. I am becoming a better person, parent and wife since I found the bloggy world!

Tammy S.

God has blessed me today with a feeling of hope. And also with 5 1/2 yr. old who had a great attitude today, and that sure made my day a lot brighter:)


God has blessed me today with a mostly free breakfast out for my children and myself. And He has blessed me with teaching I needed to hear to encourage me in homemaking and mothering via sermons recorded years ago from Proverbs from Mars Hill Church, and a sparkly clean kitchen that was no problem to clean while I was listening to those mp3s.

Holly B.

God has blessed me today by allowing me to go to Him with my worries.I am also extremely blessed by the compassionate husband that he gave me.


God has provided two times for me in the past week (more than that, but two that really stick out)! You can check out my post about it on my blog.


God has blessed me today with a great husband who supports me as I go back to school and great friends who I just couldn't live without!


Gob blesses me each day by allowing me to stay at home and school my fourth grade daughter, Hope. We are reading through the Bible together this year and it has been such a gift to ME. I love this time with her, and I love the lessons for our life found in God's word.


God has blessed me today with shared prayer with a lovely friend and some wonderful donations today toward my Nicaragua mission trip and warming me with His beautiful sunshine!


God has blessed me today with freezing fog and snow. Why is that a blessing? Well, if it hadn't come, I would be on the road to stamp club and I just really wanted to stay at home, today. Thank you Lord!!!


God has been kind to me by giving me a friend who shared her food with me when I was starving in office today. The past few days or months if I may say have been very trying. Until 2007 I used to become kind of angry with God for not listening to me. Since I started knowing Joanne (through her blog)and reading every word that she writes about trusting in God, I have learnt to believe and be pateint and be content.
I hope God knows that I trust in him and I wait for him to be happy with me one day and forgive me for all the mistakes I keep making.


God has blessed me today and everyday! I am a happy person with few worries. This is such a blessing. Thank you, God, for blessing me with a great family, job and wonderful friends.


God has blessed me with life today. I made it through the hospital. His grace is sufficient. Thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers. I could go on and on with this list but that was the first thing that came to mind. I could go and on. Health care, loving Doctors, the chance to serve by helping all 3 of the room mates I had in the hospital. My husband and I are doing a daily devotional together and even in the hospital he read it to me. I well up with tears just thinking about this topic.


God has blessed me today with a warm bed, food in the fridge, and shoes to walk to work. I'm blessed for all the little things He provides, each and every day. Oh, and of course...for my wonderful, amazing husband!


On Tuesday, February 10 I received a call from my work asking me if I would be willing to work on Wednesday, February 11. I am a registered nurse and since I work in labor and delivery some days are busier than others...lately, not so busy. When we aren't so busy then the hospital requires staff to stay home 'low volume' in order to be fiscally sound. Good for them...bad for me. BUT...on Wednesday I got to work!! I love my work...nothing is more exciting than being present when a baby is born...and I actually get paid to do it!! Because God is the Blessed Controller of all things...I see my time at work as a God Appointment...He determines when babies come, not us nurses or the doctors. I was blessed to be present with 2 births yesterday.


He blesses me by filling in the gaps. I do what I can and when I feel like I can do no more, He steps in!!

"He never said it would be easy, He only said it would be worth it!"

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