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Amy Barrett

Love the red!!!! I guess I would have to say my signature color in my house is burgandy or brown. That sounds pretty boring. I might have to get a new color :)


I love chocolate brown with a love that is true and good, but my home also has little touches of red scattered around to lighten and brighten!

Tammy S.

For me it would be brown. I know that sounds very boring, but I guess I like it because it makes me feel comfortable. It also reminds me of chocolate and coffee!


I'd have to say mine is Blue. I'm loving those shoes by the way!


Green. All the way!

I love your red though. I really love red in a kitchen, but I guessed it--green! And red.


I love your shoes! And thank you so much for posting geraniums--I have been trying to think of the name of those flowers for the last couple of days and for some reason could not come up with it. I kept thinking g,g,g......I know it starts with g! So I just had an aha moment when I saw your post. Thank you! Now I can sleep tonight.


Green is my signature color but haven't used it much in my house. I move about every 5 years and I always paint a room red in the new house!


I, too, love red. I tend to wear a lot of black shirts (to hide the bustline), but my other choices are nearly always cherry red or pale blue. Lurve rubies, red toenails, and red work on quilts. I've been thinking of incorporating more red into our decor since it's fairly seasonal, at least most of the time, with the exception of Easter and Thanksgiving. Tho my Orthodox Christian friends do dye their eggs red, and Thanksgiving has lots of reddish


Green Green Green !! I love green !!!

Holly B.

How fun and creative! I'm a huge fan of all things red!

Dawn W

RED! I, too, have touches of it in every room. It's a happy color and it fits every season. I even have a red KitchenAid mixer that makes me smile everytime I see it!



Wherever you find me you will find purple or lavendar or lilac. In my home I like soothing neutrals with a punch of purple.


i love this post! you are so creative! i love red too, but i think green would be my "signature" color.


i love this post! you are so creative! i do love red, too, but i think green would be my "signature" color.


Today is National Wear Red Day. You are so on the ball! :)

lisa writes...

Black is definitely my favorite color!

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