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Melissa @ Breath of Life

Sounds like a good schedule to me. I find that, even though I work outside of the home full-time, I get more done than I would if I stayed home (I'd wander around the house, too). I like structure, with a bit of flexibility.


You are an organizational hero! Thank you for sharing. I think what you have done is key....only biting off what you and your family can chew and working together so everyone has what they need! Have a great day!


Good for you! I get the same response... you are too busy. I do what I like to do... and that means, for me, running my boys to practices. But, I wouldn't have it any other way. I take advantage of practices by reading (whether for fun or homework), reworking paper ideas, working out, knitting, or whatever needs my attention. I have had to say no and cut out a few things, but getting my masters has been a goal for a very long time and it will help all of us when it's finished.

Schedules... you can't follow anyone's... they are your very own.


Sounds like the key to your schedule, in addition to chunking and planning is having an uber hubby like Toben. I think this is definitely your Simple Woman strength for sure: making the necessary and the fun comingle in good ratio to one another.

Lisa @ The PW

I want to be you when I grow up. Or at least just like you minus the coveting thing I just did..:))

I love you so much Joanne! You inspire me..:))

Queen B

Isn't it nice to know what the week really looks like? Our Bible study leader asked us to write down the things that are set in stone in our week and it was kind of surprising! I have a lot more time than I feel like I do. I have been much more intentional about scheduling the extra stuff!

Mindy May

It sounds like you have everything under control. I just ordered your Living Simply book from Amazon and I cannot wait to get it and read it. I am looking to quit my job and go to school full time. Your schedule sounds good to me.

Dawn W

Sounds like you're handling it all quite well.

Those kinds of comments are right up there with, "You look tired." Really?! I was feeling pretty good 'til you said that! Ha!


Kim Feth

Sounds like most of us, and as soon as you get into a groove, somehow the groove changes; which means we're human and God is in control! How boring my life would be if I were a god. Enjoy it while you have it.
Kim Feth

Robynn's Ravings

Too busy is only what's too busy for YOU. And you, as you say, are handling it beautifully. Sometimes, wonderful outlets like writing are incredibly energizing and have the feeling that they expand the time given to us. I've never been as organized as I am when I am "too busy!" Blessings!


I've got to admit. You don't sound busy at all! It's good to know that you like what you're doing. That way, it's not "ugh..homework.." but "more interesting stuff!". I had the same sentiments when I did History in high school. I'm swimming in the ocean of Math, Physics and the likes at the moment. All the general modules basically. Can't wait to start on my Civil Engineering modules! Those begin next semester. -excited!-

Have a great time at school (and everywhere)! (:


I do struggle when I have a "few" things to do to think I am too busy. As a stay at home mom, my days are pretty relaxed compared to most people. Are you going IN to school, or doing any online classes. I have never been to college and would love to get started. Online classes seem the way for me to go for now. I need to go find out what I could do to start soon - at least by fall. I would love to take the kinds of classes you are, but don't know what kind of jobs would be open for that (if you aren't a writer or speaker?). Sounds like everything is just fine for you and your family - and that is what matters!


Sounds like you have the perfect amount on your plate, and so many meaningful things. Well, except maybe the cleaning the downstairs...not so meaningful.

But I tend to be overwhelmed when I have too much to do and nothing gets done. Or with too little to do I wander around and still nothing gets done. You are a wonderful time manager. I've found since having kids and staying home that has become my weakness. Maybe I need to work on that! Thanks for the inspiration.


I think you have the perfect balance, so many meaningful things on your schedule (except the cleaning of course!).

I find that I get overwhelmed when I have too much to do and nothing gets done. And also if I don't have enough I wander around and still nothing gets done.

You are an excellent time manager. I used to be good at time managing until I had kids and stopped working outside the house. Maybe I will work on that. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jules from The Roost

It bothers me when people say I am SO busy too. I have come to realize it is because I am not doing what they want me to do with or for them.

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