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AWESOME!!!! Cant wait to try!
I don't have a recipe, but I use LEMONS for everything. I throw them in the garbage disposal everyday and grind them up. My kitchen always smells like fresh cut lemons!


I've been thinking about trying this but can't find Borax. Where did you find it?

What do you use on your stains?


do you know if this recipe can be used in a front load washer...basically, does it make a lot of suds?

I would like to give it a try!


I'm all set to try making my own once my current jug runs out, too. I haven't decided yet whether I want to make liquid or powder.


Hi! Can I give input? I buy the Borax at Target. I put this straight on stains and let it sit a bit & it works great. This is really low in suds. I use it as a liquid b/c our water is so bad out here. This always rinses clean away. Also, you can add a 1/2 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle instead of fabric softener. It works great and does NOT leave a smell.
Joanne--Thanks for the link!

Holly @ Crownlaiddown

I've been thinking about making this next week. What great timing for your reminder!

And I love the enamel pot!

Have a blessed Friday, Joanne!


I love homemade laundry detergent, but my front loading washers didn't. :( For now, I use a great organic detergent that Sam's sells and we have been very pleased with it. If only I had a cool pitcher or pot to put it in! :)


I would love it try it by I have an HE front loader I'm hearing from above that this recipe isn't good for it? Hate to make a huge batch only to find out it's too bubbly. Thoughts? Did Stephanie use this recipe or a different one? I'd really like to give this a go...especially since the HE stuff is so pricy and all those chemicals just can't be good for the environment! :) (Oh...and don't you know it???? I already have by index card printed...hee hee!)

Kim Feth

Ok, somedays I just need someone to 'draw me a picture'. What size container do you need to store it in? I can't tell by the pic - but the enamelware is beautiful. I could be all about this as a money saving venture. Especially since Kimberly above gave the advice to soak stains w/ Borax before washing. Is that the same Kimberly who posted about If so, I got $98 worth of groceries last week for just $46! Thanks for that FrugalFriday tip.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


I am thinking about making the laundry soap but am having a hard time finding The Super Washing Soap my A&H. Where did you find it? I can get Borax at Wal-mart in Texas. I have a HE front loading machine. I have found that using less of a store bought detergent works. I have not made my own homemade detergent yet but maybe only use 1/4c per washing instead of 1/2c. A dematologist told my sister to use way less laundry soap then the manufacturers say...I do and it stretches how long the bottle lasts. Our clothes are still clean too. How do you make this homemade washing soap a liquid?

Another great saving tip...homemade playdough. Just made pink and purple for my 2 year old daughter.


Just made my own window cleaner from the website Clean and Green It works great. I found the castile soap at Target. A bit expensive $14 but only used 1/4t in the recipe. So it will last a long time. I am also trying to remember to use news paper instead of paper towel to clean window and mirrors.

Pearland, TX


So how did it work? We need an update after some tough laundry loads.


I tried a version of this where you just grate the soap and dry mix it with the washing soda crystals and borax. It worked quite well too, I too use a quarter/half cup of vinegar instead of fabric softener and it works great.
Vinegar is also good to use instead of rinse aid in your dishwasher.


I have a similar recipe that I have used for over a year, I love it, and several people have tried it in their front loaders w/o too much sudsing.

2 cups washing soda
3 cups borax
1 bar grated castile soap (should equal about 2 cups)...the cheapest version is Kirk's, it's about $4 for a pack of 3 bars.
2 cups baking soda (acts as a fabric softener as well as deodorizer)

Use 1/4 c. for large loads. The only other trick with it is that if you wash in cold water, you must first add a small amount of hot water to the tub to help this dissolve fully. I do about an inch high then add the detergent then switch to cold and add the clothes.

Oh another note, I have seen soooo many laundry det. recipes that use Fels Naptha. You should really be careful using it in large amounts or regularly as a cleaner. It has been linked to cause central nervous system problems. My son has nuero problems and this was brought to my attention from a medical professional. For more info look up stoddard solvents.

Oh and you can add one cup of hydrogen peroxide to your washer with the detergent to act as a whitener instead of bleach. And/or one cup vinegar to the rinse cycle as a softener.

bedroom furniture

great man :D

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