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Yeah, I can't coupon either. I always find the store brands are cheaper and the savings I get is not very exciting. I have the desire to save money, but zero desire to do the work that couponing involves. I just buy the cheap kind of whatever it is.


No I'm not much of a coupon mom. Occasionally I'll find one or two, but it has to be something we use often. Store brands are the way to go. I do find that a gorcery list is the best way for me to save money. If I have my list ready before and a dinner plan for the week I don't spend as much.
I DO love those Michaels coupons though. :)40% is sooo worth it at Michaels!

Melissa @ Breath of Life

I do both...couponing & store brands. My hubby recently commented that he's so proud of me for doing it that way...taking the time to really think about our $$. It can be work, but I've tried to make it into a see just how much I can get for how little. I never buy something just because I have a coupon for it, though. It has to be something I'll use. I also menu plan around the sales.


I only grocery shop for two these days (unless our grown kids are staying with us)and we can get what we want--but I remember the challenges of feeding a family of five. I like to buy what looks good and what is on special...but I'm picky about quality, especially with produce and meats/fish/chicken. When I was growing up, my best friend's mom worked for a social services agency--she visited people in their homes and taught them how to be thrifty at the grocery store and how to cook on a budget. Let me tell you, that woman could COOK. Everything she made was just so delicious. I remember tacos she made with ground beef and grated potatoes (to make the meat stretch further). She made salsa from canned tomatoes too...incredibly wonderful. I think of her often when I get into my snobby foodie mode ~smile~. Back in the day when I was planning menus for my family, newspapers and magazines had tons of coupons, and our local grocery stores DOUBLED coupons! I really got into that and was able to save money.


I have said the same thing about coupons...I don't use the pre-packaged stuff. Now using coupons for few months there are stuff I use...granola bars, cereal, make-up, bread, sour cream, batteries etc.) But my husband is w/o a job and I have to watch spending. I just started using last week, the Grocery Game ( It tells you when to play your coupon for stockpiling. This past week a did a huge grocery trip (6 loaves of bread, 5 dozen eggs, meat, fish, 7 boxes cereal, produce, 4 gallons of milk plus all the other stuff) for $150 dollars. My minivan was stuffed. I went to Kroger and only bought the things the grocery game said were on rockbottom price w/ double/triple coupon and then I went to Wal-mart for everything else. At Wal-mart I do price comparison for (meat/produce/tolietries). So I get the other grocery stores leader items all at one place. My Wal-mart is not really picky about price comparison. I have also figured out which clerks enjoy seeing the customer save money and are very agreeable. So I will wait in a longer line to check-out with them. When I have a person behind me the is starting to look frustrated w/ my checkout taking longer...I apologize for the time and tell them it saves me so much money...they are usually smiling at the end of the conversation. The grocery game and price comparison at Wal-mart really saved me a lot of money. It did take more prep time. I am sure as I learn the system that the time will be reduced. No more spur of the moment grocery shopping. Both grocery stores are very close to my house so it is not too much time doing both. Once I learn where things are at Kroger it will be faster. I plan on only buying the "rockbottom" stuff there. The Grocery Game does cost $5 a month but I think I saved about $150 dollars this past it well pays for it self. You can try it out for a month for only $1. My friend has done it was has cut her grocery bill to $300 a month for a family of five. I am not there yet. Sorry for going on and on...I am just excited.


I am the same way about couponing. I prefer to save my grocery money by once-a-month (for the most part) shopping and buying some things in bulk. The stress of going to lots of stores with 3 littles outweighs the few dollars I could save. :)

I'm going to try the homemade cleaning wipes. I had some before and loved them and got out of the habit!

Amy McLean

I made the creme brule french toast for a brunch for small group. It was yummy and we will have it at Easter.


You know I'm a coupon girl. Honestly, I've been doing it for so long that I don't give it a second thought. Today I made my 2-week shopping trip and I saved $43 in coupons...mostly meat, dairy, and toiletries. I really do think it's worth it. But I'm also one of those people who shops at four different grocery stores (which only works because they're all within 4 miles of my house.)

No great tips other than to only clip coupons for what you KNOW you'll use. I don't clip coupons for sugary cereal or snacks b/c I don't buy things like that.

Ready for your blizzard? It looks like you guy might get hit harder than us for a change.


My husband and I were DINKS (double income no kids) for 10 years and really didn't have a limit on spending at the grocery store. My oldest just turned 3 and I've been a SAHM since his birth and so it was quite an adjustment. Our grocery bills were around $800+ a month (that's just for just 4 of us...though we do entertain at least once a week sometimes 2 since my husband is an associate pastor). Anyway, about 6 months ago I started The Grocery Game and have seen huge savings!! My grocery bills are never over $500, which includes all toiletries and paper products NOT just groceries (I'm talking shampoo/aluminum foil/soap/tampons)!
I make practically every thing from scratch (nothing pre-packaged), 7 days a week because money is tight (well, also, it just tastes better and is healthier) and was very hestitant to pay to use the Grocery Game because of it. Once I tried it and realized all that I could save on ordinary items, I was sold. My first shopping trip using the GG, I spent $225 but saved $250! Whoah! Now, I never spend that much anymore, rarely over $100 for a weekly shopping trip. Last week I spent $43 and saved $67, so now that I have a good stockpile, I don't have to spend as much. It uses the weekly store ads and combines it with coupons so you save much more than the face value of the coupon. You don't spend hours cutting coupons each print the list and then only cut the coupons you need (maybe 20 for me). There are tips on how to organize your weekly coupons etc. I also found a great grocery store (Sprouts) that sells produce super cheap so I go there once a week or every other week and spend $20 on a ton of produce. I am a happy camper and my husband is thrilled at the savings.


Heh, Blog Ladies if you do decide to try the Grocery Game...I would love to be considered the person who referred you...then I save on my membership for a month...every penny or dollar counts. Let Joanne know and she will forward your email on to me and will send you my email. Happy Grocery shopping...I am heading out today and will let you know how much I saved.

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