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I know this may seem so unrelated, but in 2005, after we bought a bigger house - for baby #3, and had everything so perfect and were just settling in, Hurricane Katrina came and utterly destroyed our beautiful home. 5 feet of water sat in our house for days, and 3 trees came down on our roof. Everything we had was destroyed. And the same thing happened to half of our town - even both of my kids schools.
If I tried to think of where we would live, where would the kids go to school, what would we wear, how could we move on from this, how do we fix up the house - I would just sit down and cry. It was all too much to bear.
Through that ordeal, I learned to trust God in ways I never could have without having gone through that. He led me gently day by day. He took care of us in ways that could only be from Him - miraculous and amazing ways. When I could not see a way - it made it.
And even though you can't figure it all out right now, He will make the way for your family also - He will lead your steps.

Melissa @ Breath of Life

You're so right that it's easier to SAY we're trusting God to answer our prayers & be okay with His answer than it is to DO THE THING.

I'm a planner, the idea of just dropping everything familiar & moving to the unknown pretty much petrifies me, but I know there's tremendous learning in those times when I'm obedient to His call.

Blessings to your family as you work out all the details!


This reminds me of a few weeks ago when I emailed you to ask advice on how to tell our friends we were doing something crazy (which my hubby calls our "Big Adventure!") like moving out of our nice big house in comfy suburbia and moving to a small apartment in an equally small town (ours is temporary too). God is faithful though and I can only imagine that He enjoys surprising us at times. I listened to Mandisa's song "God Speaking" over and over yesterday. In our Big Adventure (and in yours) I feel certain that God is speaking and that this is all a part of His plan.

I am praying for you and for your family! I look forward to sharing this adventure with you! I'm in school too and still having to drive back and forth for the next 3 weeks, so I totally understand the overwhelming feelings!


I can't believe all this news! I'm so excited for you!!!!!!


This is thrilling, yet as a fellow planner, I can imagine the anxiety, too. I'm praying for you.

I also want to encourage you to thoroughly check out the online classes the seminary offers before you rule them out. I'm a classroom nut, too, but I earned my masters entirely online. I made some fabulous friends who were in classes with me. We worked hard together, learned together, prodded each other on. I was surprised by the rigor of the classes and the depth of interaction with some of my teachers.

All that to say, I know from reading here that you LOVE seminary. I'd hate for you to have to put that completely on hold for the year. So pray about it as you explore options.


Wow, Joanne. This would be a lot for me to handle, too.. You're doing so well. Take care and have faith (I know you do!) and everything will happen at its own pace... Life, inevitably, has a way of working itself out. The girls probably have the best attitude of all. :) Adventure. xoxo

Bobbie Lutz

"For I know the plans I have for you" is the first thing that comes to mind! I know how you're feeling right now--I've been there MANY times after following my Air Force husband around the country for 22 years with two children and a second career that took us to the Northwest for 12 years! Our daughter and son handled our moves so well, I feel, because we always talked positively about our new adventure. We also asked them how they felt about moving, letting them express what it meant to them and let them help plan the move. They're both still in contact friends from long ago. Our son made a comment several years ago that he felt that our moves gave him opportunities that he wouldn't have had if we had stayed in one place. He was kinda shy as a little guy, but that went away with the first move that he remembers. Our daughter is "her mother's daughter" and can talk to anyone! I think your girls will do very well--if they have any of 'you' in them, they won't have a problem. You have a fabulous view of life and have many answers that I didn't have that many years ago.

I'm also an organizer, and have had lots of practice in 'organizing' moves, new homes and new activities for our family. That's a gift for you and Toben at this time and when you unpack the last box you'll realize how fortunate you are that you did plan it out. (a hint if you're moving linens and for your clothing: I washed everything and put them in garbage bags before putting them in a box. That way they would be clean when unpacked and that would save another washing before putting them away.)

BTW, I've tried your homemade 'wipes' and love it!! I think my bounty ones aren't quite thick enough, but I just use two and that helps! I do like the idea because I can't use bleach on my granite countertops!! Thanks for sharing all your homemade stuff. That's really fun. I'm feeling a little like Laura Ingalls!

I'll be praying for you, Toben and the girls through this next several months.

Blessings, Bobbie
College Station


Know you are super busy...but I tagged you as one of my favorite 8 things...even though I know you don't have the time...just wanted to let you know you are a favorite...and I'm praying for ya!

Lisa Adams

From a lurker....look into the virtual school...homeschool that is tax supported...may be a real good option for a year....connections academy?
Heat....I moved to phoenix 6 years ago in July...we stayed only 7 months for a variety of prepared for the unrelenting heat. God's blessings on all your endeavors.


WOW!! Adventure! My husband is from Tucson and the desert is great. No snow to shovel. And you'll be super close to Sedona and the Grand Canyon.


What an adventure! I know I'd struggle with the temporary part of this kind of move, but what an awesome thing God is doing for your family. One day at a time is EXACTLY what I'd have to do, and I know you all will be blessed for your obedience and willingness to follow where He is leading. I'm looking forward to reading more about this fun time in your life.

Kim Feth

Exciting and scary at the same time. And trust building. Will be saying prayers for you, Toben, and the girls.

Lisa @ The PW

WOW! This is fabulous news!

I am so incredibly excited for you. I know the whole children dynamic is hard, but I also know you make home wherever you are. You are a fantastically gifted mother and I have no doubt the girls will do great because you'll make sure of it.

The only thing that saddens me is that your adventure isn't based in Alabama. :)



This is exactly what I needed to read. My husband and I are in the verge of stepping out in faith. I am at the point where I am fearful of doing it but just as fearful as not doing it. God is in control and will provide. Prayer is powerful I have been using the power of prayer book.

I hope I can see you in the Valley of the Sun when we visit family. Just an FYI on the homeschool front...Mesa ISD has a two day a week program for homeschool kids for free (I think) sister-in-law did it...


WOW! How exciting for your family- adventure for sure! I've been listening to a sermon podcast series and yesterday he was talking about asking God for things even when you don't want them to actually want him to answer or change things in that way. Made me admire your situation. Sometimes I wish we could pick up and move for a year! I have a RV around the USA for a year fantasy when the kids are older! :)

On another note, I was at my mom's house Tuesday and saw your car at your parents and got really excited to be in your presence- I felt like a cyber stalker! Funny! I had to laugh about that. Your family will be in my prayers as you make this leap!


I am such a planner too! At times, I know too much and miss the wonderful happenings going on around me. Your family will continue to be in my prayers for the big move and new adventures that lie ahead for you!

Marla Taviano

So this means I don't get to meet you in July??? Booooooohooooooo!!!

Excited for you and this new adventure though!! WOW!!


I'll be in Northern AZ in July, you & your family will be in my thoughts & in my prayers.
I don't know something is telling me this is for the best...
And I have no doubt your daughters have the best parents to talk to if it's hard for them.
gook luck with the moving (although it makes it easier that you keep your house in CO)

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