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Yes, I totally realized that when I said, several months ago, "I'm having a crisis of Faith" that that is when He decided to increase my faith. Of course it pretty much stinks right now...watching one of my best friends in THIS world dying before my eyes; my daughter seeming to go off the deep end and TEST ME AT EVERY TURN; and just Life Things. But since those fateful words several months ago, I have yet to doubt. In fact, as He so knew I would, I have done more praying and talking to Him and listening to Him and FOR Him that I feel as if I can pretty much say I am praying unceasingly.

So I'm stepping out of the way and I'm watching what He IS doing, HAS done and IS GOING TO do.

And yeah...He would have called me stupid, too, cuz I never would have gotten it.

Melissa @ Breath of Life

Wow...goes along with my post today! We definitely are "in tune" :-) Love ya.


Preach it girl! I've always thought of myself as the queen of idiots (no crown included in this title)...since the Lord has to whack me so hard to get my heart to respond. You know...losing mom, housefire, 4 adopted kids through crisis parenting, a failed start up company, negotiating endless govt agencies and monumental debt (just to name the biggies!). Hmmm....maybe I am finally getting it!!! a teachable heart and not the stupid, prideful one that loves to C-O-N-T-R-O-L!!!! Open my eyes and see all He has done and will do. And yet, without His spirit, I'm just a stinkin' Israelite, on a good day. ;)


Ha! I hear you about the Israelites and the disciples--I've thought the same thing!

It's way easier to see it all when you are reading about it after the fact. Which kind of makes me think I really need to write down all of the ways God has faithfully helped our family over the years. Wouldn't that be a great thing for my children to read when they are older?


Your words are almost word-for-word what I've said about the Israelites before about them not getting it...the miracles before Pharoah, God parting the Sea, then they had to wander in the desert and they were provided food and water for 40 years faithfully...and they still didn't get it.

And yet I have the written Bible, which people living in Jesus time didn't have right at their fingertips in multiple versions for handy reference with a concordance, and I can be soooo stupid. I do the same thing those Israelites did, just in different ways.

It's just plain sad.

Marla Taviano

You can read my mind. :)


Sounds beautiful there (Denver sounds beautiful in general) - though down in the deep south, we have been having glorious weather as well.

I wish I were taking your classes - that is what I LOVE to study. But to make money in the future? Can't figure that one out - unless I was a writer like you, which though I would love to be, am not!


Sadly, when I read about the Israelites I think, "Dangit. I am just like them." Ever since I read the bible from cover to cover a couple of years ago I realize every day how relevant the OT is TOTALLY relevant to today. People just don't want to face that...

Isaiah is one of my favorites...Isaiah 43:1-2 has gotten me through many a dark place. Then recently I was led to Isa 61:1-3 when praying about ministry. It was total confirmation that I am on the right track and walking in God's will in this area in my life. In most areas really...I'm just in a place right now that is unsettled as far as "what's next?". I have some ideas...but do they match up with God's? We'll see..

Thank you for the reminder to "stand back and wait for Him to act." God is always on time....

Have a great day!


So applicable to my life. My husband is unemployed and dealing with a major medical illness. God has provided for our every need in the last 8 months. Yet as my husband re-evaluates what he will do with his career and what God wants us to do with his career I need to pray and trust. Some of the potential options are exciting but yet create a great deal of fear. Trust and faith a daily muscles to flex and grow...


Excellent post! It's so true that we can sometimes doubt just like the Israelites did. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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