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YES! What a great lesson you can teach your kids!!

Mary @ Simple Things

I hadn't thought about taking the Boy Scouts to a recycling center. What a great idea! The boys help with the Great American Cleanup each year, but we don't really do any other recycling activities. At home we made our own little recycling center with stacking tubs from Big Lots. My son's science teacher had them watch the Al Gore movie and he came home that night talking about all the things we needed to be doing. We should really think about composting too. We'd hardly have any trash at all if we did.


I am a big recycler, too. I feel convicted if I even THINK to throw something away that can be recycled. I live in California...and it's not the law to recycle...but they do make it a bit easier on us in certain areas by providing recycle bins along with garbage bins. I recycle everything that I can...and I take the bottles and cans to the center myself so I can get my money back!

Thanks for sharing...

brian b.

Yes i do recycle everything i can.
newspapers, glass plastic cardboard and cans. pop cans.
i believe in saving the earth for future generations.


You're speaking my language. I'm asking for The Worm Factory (compost system) for my b'day.

I'm not kidding when I say that recycling changed our lives! Sounds weird, but it's true!


Great idea for a fun and inspiring field trip! I think my boys would love it. We compost here...not just for a healthy garden, but also to cut back on trash. It saves a lot on the purchase of trash bags, not to mention the amount that gets wrapped in a plastic bag and placed in a landfill. Once we got started, it was so easy to keep up, especially with little helpers that think it's so fun to put rotten veggies in a pile!


I just read an article about plastic. After 400 years it might break down, but it still remains toxic chemicals. One of the reasons they think more boys are failing to *cough* turn fully into little boys, is because there are estrogens in plastic that leak into our water supply (not to mention all the hormones from birth control pills that women pee into our water supply).

That doesn't even get into problems of toxins created and released when plastic is made. Nor does it touch upon the toxicities of plastic as it burns.

Plastic is really, really, really bad stuff.


I am really shocked that only a fifth of you guys recycle!

In Australia we have fantastic recycling programmes. Every house is given two bins. One is tiny for your rubbish and the other is ginormous for your recycling, so basically you HAVE to recycle or you'd run out of space! It's a really good system!

Good on you for showing all you girls about recycling. It sounds really fun!

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