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I really need to get up for a quiet time. I always think I'll do it later but later never comes with two kids at home:) I've felt the need for some time now. Love this post as a good reminder!


The posts on quiet time have been timely for me. I am not a morning person, but had a brief brush with it after adopting our twins. Upon returning to the states after a month in Vietnam, I was up and had much accomplished by 6 AM in the quiet hours before homeschooling and bottles. Part of me misses that and thinks I could become a morning person now that the twins are two and finally sleeping through most nights.

I also agree that I do not think God would punish someone for not having a daily quiet time as it is not in His nature. Quiet time is something we can choose to do that will only help us. I'm thinking that our Father God would punish us for things directly dis-obedient and damaging to others and maybe even oursleves? However, by not doing a quiet time, I know I am missing out.


I so need a better quiet time...Love your blog. Hope you stop by my blog again.

I am going to have a "card box" giveaway every month. This drawing will be the last day of April.
Every comment you leave throughout the month will enter your name in the drawing, so if you visit several times and leave several comments, you will have a better chance to win. This NEW blogger was so touched by all the comments I got on the Blog Party, that I decided to make this a monthly GIFT...
Also, if you link to my blog telling about the monthly giveaway, you will have your name entered 10 extra times...How is that for an incentive?
I was so blown away by all the responses that I wanted to email each person personally, but TIME... just has not permitted..but I did love reading all of them..I am continuing to introduce my family members and then there will be some fun blogs coming up from Disney World in May. I am so thankful for all my new friends.


Thanks for the encouragement. I agree that there is a big difference between discipline and legalism...and discipline definitely leads to a healthier and more peaceful day. I'm also encouraged that you wake up automatically after having done it so long...I still struggle with the snooze button. Maybe I need to get a cat? :-)


I just heard a great descrption of why a quiet time is necessary for our well-being...we never know what each day will bring us, but when we've started with our day's focused on God, whatever unexpected things come up, our minds and hearts are focused on him. Things don't surprise him and he can help us through the surprises we have!

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Almost everybody needs it but when you think all the chores, well you have no choice but to get up early..

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